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8 guild send a proposal
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Will rise on Feburary 1, this city is contemporary supermarket of store rate preexistence extends freely to the client environmental protection shopping bag, announce to rise from March 1 at the same time, the supermarket will be offerred freely no longer plastic shopping bag, existing and plastic shopping bag will press every 0.5 yuan paid offer, return inside 3 years will donate the earning debt that sells polybag to environmental protection to organize. A few days ago, 8 guild issue a proposal jointly, this city is old restaurant, restaurant, professional inn also answer supermarket of bazaar of prep close behind, big range popularizes environmental protection bag.

It is reported, this city gets together the wine shop of garden of wineshop of De Huatian's subordinate arenaceous boiler room, delicate eyebrows, music polybag that considering selling place to use external, outside box selling food undertakes collecting fees. (Reporter Dou Gongmei)

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