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Convenience inn: of of hazel meet with knocks Fu
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Supermarket hair retreats city, Luo Sen president of the torment that cut dimensions, 7-11 suffers financial forms for reporting statistics, family already went gradually in the brave words when China is being entered first gradually far …… , the personage inside course of study thinks, this still is the one horn of the iceberg only. Freeze however 3 feet, those who be not a day is cold. Convenience inn is an industry condition that relies on dimensions and optional location get victory, dimensions is changed can reduce relative administrative cost; Optional location can reduce set up shop cost and management cost, already became two variable that concern convenience store company to live this at 2 o'clock. Can be the cost of set up shop that rises ceaselessly and less and less shop resource, let them or body defect corner cannot extricate oneself, or cannot help doing gives hard option.

The OK inn that comes from Taiwan began to increase the class of biscuit mug-up, even open up area of place of a dish supplies client have a rest; Another native land and convenience inn begins to supply Chinese style snack, give the customer of repast chunk space sell one's own things.

This shows, the notional difference that a lot of convenience inn are in sedulous faintness and small-sized supermarket now, on product structure, try to satisfy all requirement of the dweller, lost the competitive dominant position that serves as convenience inn thereby. Some convenience inn abandoned to be provided most even consume the shopping centre of ability and permeate to community group. This also makes the personage inside a few course of study generated doubt, convenience inn wants community and cheap supermarket and competition of small shop run by couple, as good as at deciding money way oneself.

This fact that a variety of evidence appear to revealing convenience store company to block deficit hard in little and a little convenience storefront are facing the dilemma of ” of “ have no way out. Beat convenience inn wants to enter “ winter ” in this summer really?

“ spring the debate outcome of ”“ winter ” , somebody jubilates somebody care

I do not agree with “ the view that convenience inn is immersed in predicament. After ” shopkeeper institute teachs Zhou Yong to hear this one news, express: “ although the inn of advantage of a lot of community of Shanghai has withdrawn dweller village in succession in recent years, some convenience inn still are in deficit condition, but cannot deny because of the depression of individual and convenience inn the development of condition of line of business of whole and convenience store. In fact, the development with Shanghai convenience overall inn is very successful, at least although ’ of big powers of commerce of ‘ foreign country is right Shanghai eye covetously however also one's heart still fluttering with fear. Although convenience inn does not rely on dimensions get victory finally certainly, but dimensions is a kind of very fierce protective screen at present. Taiwan unites Shanghai and company of each convenience store to talk about cooperative matters concerned, the result is not had result and return. Company of Japanese convenience store enters Beijing to resembled entering lair, if go to Shanghai to be able to resemble entering boundless ocean, because inside endowment convenience inn is really too much. Additional, shanghai convenience inn had had Zhang face profit, although gain is very small still, only 1% the left and right sides, the net profit photograph of 5% compares this and Taiwan advantage store, far apart. But difference just has latent capacity, inside this specification endowment convenience inn has larger development space. ”
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