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The method of 7 kinds of sales promotion with commonly used department store
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The competition between retail trade is behaved not only mix in price of quality of merchandise assortment, commodity, commodity on sale service, and return expression to be in respect of measure of information transmission, sales promotion. The sort of “ wine is sweet before do not be afraid of alley child the idea of deep ” has not followed to go up times, “ money is good still need diligent peddle the new idea of ” already was accepted for people place gradually. Commercial company should have the merchandise of cheap of qualitative actor price not only, and the activity of commodity sales promotion that is good at beginning — series even. Below situation of this kind of market, still be in consumable market to weigh the general merchandise shop that wants a place to be sought actively live, the road of development, improve strategy of sale, sales promotion and way ceaselessly, enlarge commodity sale hard, obtained remarkable positive result.
Modern market sale asks general merchandise inn is offerred not only be saleable the commodity of satisfy the need, establish charming price, make buccal mark client obtains the goods of need easily, and should control its in the market figure, design and the respect information such as the interest that transmission gives day bid client to bring about the exterior, characteristic, shopping condition and commodity, ceaseless with existing reach potential customer to undertake communication. General merchandise inn takes effective form and step this kind, the goods that offers to consumer and place of company of user conduct propaganda and service, in order to is aroused buy motive and deed, stimulative sale, raise the market to have the activity of rate, namely commodity sales promotion. The main measure of sales promotion of merchandise of general merchandise shop is as follows:
One, business promotion
Business promotion is general merchandise inn in commodity sale process, be bought to stimulate consumer and take the sales promotion step that can bring immediate profit to consumer. Basically have discount privilege, money reward discount, depreciate sale of certificate of sale, acting gold, favourable card, credence, member is made, the spot is made etc.
2, service sales promotion
Serving sales promotion is general merchandise inn the service that needs with offerring more to get used to consumer to consumer ceaselessly is a method, expand and promote the activity that commodity sells. — the good sale that serves sales promotion project to be able to drive commodity not only, still can think general merchandise inn establishs a good figure before the public. Basically TV shops, the phone shops, check of disappear idle night fair, article, acting guest makes identification of quality of cost, commodity, before using, groom, free deliver goods, inside set adventure playground and snack inn.
3, culture sales promotion
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