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Dimensions of market of RFID of home of the 4th quarter achieved 1.308 billion y
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Near future of easy view international is released " quarter of mart of RIFD of China of the 4th quarter was monitored 2007 " , researched Chinese RFID market. Data shows, dimensions of whole of the 4th quarter reached Chinese RFID market 2007 1.308 billion yuan of RMBs, annulus comparing rises 12% . The applied domain of RFID is expanding ceaselessly, numerous and banner RFID manufacturer also begins to march below the premise that assures advantage of him tradition domain other sphere, if be applied first,had begun to be extended in the domain such as Xiang Jun team, airport.

2007 dimensions of market of RFID of home of the 4th quarter

2007 dimensions of market of RFID of home of the 4th quarter

In this quarter, UHF frequency paragraph the manufacturer market share of before the rank 3 is achieved 41.63% , than going up the market is spent centrally first quarter rise somewhat, because in the fourth quarter the rank relies on the manufacturer before,basically answer a rate to compare general heighten. Share of market of Duan Yuanwang grain uses UHF frequency first more than make the market the first, main reason is the RFID project that cooperated with the railway ministry 2006 in Yuan Wanggu returns a money in this quarter very tall, this also brought about Yuan Wanggu to be increased in announcement expect profit increase rate. Frequency of the microwave in this quarter paragraph the market is primary with go up to keep balance first quarter, did not produce apparent change.

Look from technical trend, RFID technology and bar code, biology identifying identify a technology automatically, and with Internet, communication, pass the IT confluence such as feeling network, build an omnipresent network environment. Huge RFID information processing, transmit and safety is compositive to the system of RFID with application the technology posed new challenge. RFID system is compositive software will be changed to embedded, intelligence, can recombine directional development, build system of RFID public service through compose, will make the organization of RFID information natural resources, management is mixed use more development and extensive.

Look from industry application, prospective 1-3 year educational industry user is the most pressing 3 kinds of telegraphic solutions that have are the construction that raises safety of network bandwidth, network and campus net and upgrade. Net of land with certain boundaries of city of system of natural resources of long-range education, mobile education, education, education and one cartoon system also will be education the way that key of industry user future invests.

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