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Market sale analyses mechanism of as quick as what draw lessons from response
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Mention when us the Milan of profusion of the Paris that “ fashionable ” often can think of Yong Ronghua is expensive when the word, colour, still can have experienced and inflexible London even; Refer popularity also can involve such as “Chanel” , “Dior” , “GUCCI” , “Armani” to still may have “Dunhill” . “ is high-grade, vogue, extravagant the pronoun that ” is them, a few make to phylogeny of about a hundred years very its more blended in a noble to feel, the sale step of type of ” of “ highbrow art and literature makes average consumer total is too far behind to catch up with.
Spain is located in southwest ministry of Europe, of arteries and veins of Si Shan of the ox that compare profit cut off make corner of Spanish be content to retain sovereignty over a part of the country. In the heart of most person, spain has a beauty, have beach, have bullfight, still have a football, 2 words of “ fashionable ” are like irrelevant with Spain, but Europe is fashionable in last few years bound however abruptly sweep ” of tornado of a “ Spain. A batch when be a delegate with ZARA additional breakthrough tradition manacles kind of fashionable brand, hall and of emperor became fashionable leader. Be what reason lets ZARA you can grow inside short time be the international brand of extremely rich competition ability?
One, should be attributed to efficient product to organize a system.
Here, we say the product of ZARA is not development is organized however, because its have what extremely rich fashionable smell feels to buy a hand in global each district,be, help ZARA brand collects the popular product with this uptodate area in global each district, assemble the product centrally through buying at appointing a place, reach a style to undertake according to category, design by professional fashionable dress stylist brand-new correcting, comprise new product theme series, assentation namely show characteristic of popularity of vogue of period of time, can avoid the market demand error of because of products plan generation again. On the other hand, zara invites many 200 stylist to obtain design inspiration from show of fashionable dress of Milan, Paris, the convention that uses high-grade brand to release fashionable information ahead of schedule (if will release Qiu Dong in March season fashionable dress, will release fashionable dress of Chun Xia season in September, release time and the time difference that real sale has 6 months normally among season) , make fashionable magazine still is in premonitory when Ji Chao flows, zara shopwindow already was showing these content.
2, fast production supplies chain to make the brand gains the market first machine.
Traditional dress brand arrives from products plan complementary makings purchases the face, manufacturing treatment, content shedding is carried, wear a sale to often need to final finished product 2 - the time of 4 months, brand of high-grade fashionable dress is met a few longer. ZARA uses the whole world to purchase carriage system, the whole process that makes be worn on kinds or types of goods of various places brand shop is the shortest use 10 days of time only, each brand shop tastes the whole world newly almost the goods on synchronism, short equation of time also won't exceed a few hours. Make ZARA is in so for a short while, existing market popularity kinds or types of goods undertakes batch type is sold, pace of follow closely vogue. Use the means offerring money of small lot, much batch, specialize in inn twice to undertake new product deserves to send to each district every week, sale period exceeds two weeks sluggish to put a product to also can change in time. Such, make the product inside inn updates rate to accelerate not only, urge consumer often patronage; And each specialize in inn to need not establish special goods warehouse, reduced the investment of sale cost.
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