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Advanced the course that female outfit brand runs
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Talk about advanced hand-me-down, it is thing of nearly 34 years about. Inside garment estate line of business think times of Chinese advanced hand-me-down has come generally, its theory basis is: One of, classics of Chinese dress all previous develops 20 years, maturing gradually, design brand has appeared, advanced hand-me-down is arising in order to design a brand for the foundation. Design brand promoted industrialized masses the brand, advanced hand-me-down is the promotion of pair of Chinese garment industry. Secondly, enter comparatively well-off society as China, the occurrence of estate is produced in, consumption appeared trend of fine become divided, be in outfit respect, special estate had special consumptive demand, in metropolitan had had the requirement that consumes advanced hand-me-down.
In the competition in masses hand-me-down market, advanced hand-me-down market and fashionable dress market, the management of masses hand-me-down is more expression shopkeeper advantage, the management of fashionable dress is main show stylist advantage, and the management of advanced hand-me-down is reflected morely for brand advantage. Accordingly, advanced hand-me-down is the center that dress brand runs not only, also be the management target that transition of industry of our country garment upgrades. Because of this, the article tries to be opposite with the perspective of brand sale advanced female outfit brand undertakes analyse and be discussinged, expectation can be advanced to developing China female outfit is inspired somewhat.
Advanced female outfit is a kind of extravagant consumable
Regard as female as general public outfit as the contrast of the brand, advanced the status that female outfit can reflect a woman more, extravagant life, it is the consumable that is far from general estate woman, accordingly from its for essence, advanced female outfit is a kind of extravagant consumable. Be based on this understanding, advanced the brand that the sale of female outfit abides by extravagant consumable only manages the rule, ability is managed successfully advanced female outfit.
Extravagant consumable since an objective concept, it is a subjective impression, derogatory sense is contained on our ethics. It is luxury to certain person, it is popular goods of dependable quality however to another some of person. Some brands are judged to be luxury by the public of 50% , however by additional the public of 50% is judged for common consumable.
Look from economic meaning, what luxury points to is the value on the market / the product with quality concern highest specific value, understanding is advanced female outfit should begin from this angle, and should not show Paris is advanced merely order do fashionable dress consortium to promulgate the ” of “ high the latest fashion that 18 brands that give title make. One word of “ quality ” , according to economist weigh measure, namely tangible level, mai Ken stannum fixes a price luxury definition for “ the commodity of ” of consumable of prep above masses. This economics definition includes a brand the concept of basic effectiveness. Here, the key of the problem is not implicit value, however the price difference of luxury and common consumable. Same argument, advanced female outfit and common the boundary of female outfit is the price difference between them.
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