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Jinan will be reconstructive 150 are at ease farming endowment supermarket
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Jinan city farming endowment association plans inside year reconstructive be at ease 150 times farming endowment supermarket, strive the amount before the end of the year achieves 300.

As we have learned, urban district of each county of city of near future Jinan farming endowment association and partial member are with the unit such as company of supply and marketing rely on, project of market of 1000 countryside ” mixes 10 thousand villages of “ of have the aid of ” of two a platform, networks builds “ , build actively farming endowment sale network, sell store continuously, join in inn spreads all over each countryside. Grow what quiet borough builds to be at ease among them farming endowment the supermarket already exceeded 100. (Lan Qingsong of reporter Zhang Guijun's reporter)

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