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Economic growth and consumption upgrade add writes retail industry boom
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Economy of profit from country lasts level of income of rapidder growth, dweller rises ceaselessly, the policy that enlarges demand of obtain employment, stimulative spending is oriented wait for an element, our country retail trade maintains rapidder growth all the time for years, gain ability promotes ceaselessly. Although at present American economy suffers second borrow the crisis to affect and put delay, our country economy is added fast this year or will somewhat fall after a rise, but from will for a long time tell, the current that domestic economy progress and dweller income increase did not change, increase the turning point that consumption upgrades, the development foreground of retail trade still is valued generally.

Retail market rises ceaselessly

The development process of Chinese retail trade is domestic economy income of ceaseless development, people increases the process that reachs standard of living to rise ceaselessly ceaselessly.

Closely related retail trade and social consumable total volume of retail sales, and the abidance of the rapid growth that rapid growth of economy and moderate inflation promoted consumption and retail trade boom, come for years, total volume of retail sales of consumable of our country society grows ceaselessly. Social consumable total volume of retail sales was 214 billion yuan 1980, growth went to 4.09 trillion yuan 2002, 2007, our country GDP is added fast achieve 11.9 % , CPI achieves 4.8 % , achieve those who go out 10 years to come is new tall, social consumable total volume of retail sales amounts to 8.9 trillion yuan. Nevertheless, after eliminate drops element of price of the corresponding period, of consumable turnover add fast relatively smooth.

This year first quarter, social consumable total volume of retail sales two thousand five hundred and fifty-five billion five hundred million yuan, compared to the same period name grows 20.6% , than going up year of the corresponding period accelerate 5.7 percent. After deducting price element, add actually fast it is about 12% , add fast smooth. April, total volume of retail sales of consumable of our country society 814.2 billion yuan, compared to the same period name grows 22% , the corresponding period mixed increasing ratio last year on the month rises respectively 6.5 with 0.5 percent, achieve even more 10 years new tall. After eliminate price element, consumable total volume of retail sales will grow 13% actually compared to the same period in April, than March 12.7 rise somewhat.

As commercialize one of industries with top rate, retail trade is intense competitive process is the process that the industry develops ceaselessly. 2001, our country joins WTO, according to concerned acceptance, domestic retail market is opened to foreign capital ceaselessly, foreign capital gradually thorough home retail market. Market of retail trade of the our country end 2004 is outward endowment wide-open, foreign capital shopkeeper is accelerated in succession in China solely invested pace. Supermarket doorsill is relatively inferior, competition is most intense, at present foreign capital and force of native land supermarket all are occupied. Foreign capital is exhibited in Hua Ta at present give priority to with large store, although rate of growth of quantity of its door inn is not very fast, but the advantage that foreign capital has the side such as management, benefit of its door inn is taller. Nevertheless, general merchandise course of study holds the requirement that waits for a respect to capital, management and consumptive culture taller, still be dominant with indigenous industry on the whole, especially 23 lines city, enterprise of native land general merchandise holds main share; Home appliance retail trade is opposite more concentration, encircle the ground and capital through old have a ride on a horse and buy, formed the competitive structure that with the country two big tycoons give priority to beautiful, Su Ning.
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