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Value of market of steel products of building of the home after the section cont
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Will adjust twice as a result of price of steelworks of dominant of China north area April, the impact that together with Olympic Games expects, the market value of China north area appeared to rise considerably, for a short while the difference of area of north and south exceeds 400 yuan / ton, subsequently producer price of domestic major steel mill each other echo, market cost rises stage by stage, together with rolled steel exports price when the river rises the boat goes up too, domestic steelworks exports quantitative grow in quantity, the resource of each domestic area puts in an amount to be reduced quickly, the inventory of dominant city decreases steadily. Be in Shanghai especially of field price rise considerably drive, whole of countrywide market value rises, market price case is created time and again new tall. May face of home market environment still better, steelworks producer price continues to rise, market stock continues to reduce, raw material price continues to rise, rolled steel produces cost to continue to promote, the market is current link and manufacturing trafficker state of mind are opposite very good, but present price already price of tower above history is the most exalted 300 yuan / ton above, will build rolled steel price how to change May after all, here, the author thinks 51 ” of “ value of the market after the section is sure to be climbed again tall, basically be based on the reason of the following respects:

(one) , domestic demand market still is compared exuberant

As a result of Olympic Games project approach increasingly, it is after July the major project of Beijing area cannot construction, major building site is pursueing project plan, many now building site intensifies construction, the demand of circumjacent market was spurred on certain level; Look at the same time from countrywide area, first quarter, whole society fixed assets invests two thousand one hundred and eighty-four billion five hundred million yuan, grow 24.6% compared to the same period, than going up year of the corresponding period accelerate 0.9 percent. Among them, town fixed assets invests one thousand eight hundred and thirty-one billion seven hundred million yuan, grow 25.9% , accelerate 0.6 percent; Rural fixed assets invests 352.9 billion yuan, grow 18.3% , accelerate 1.6 percent. In investment of town fixed assets, estate development invests 468.8 billion yuan, grow 32.3% , accelerate 5.4 percent compared to the same period. Of fixed assets grow steadily, also be current market demand compares exuberant incorporate relatively.

Look again from a few projects of the country: Be like the start working of Beijing Shanghai tall iron, it is reported only the demand of whorl steel achieves 10 million tons, meeting project starts the world rich of Shanghai in the round, wait the start working of a few large projects a moment, of downstream terminal demand release further, play the requirement that changes building steel products, it is certain to be formed to current market demand prop up.
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