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In the home after the section thick board market price case goes up steadily
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From whole in light of April, in international and home market thick board the price appears rise go situation, main reason is raw material cost those who rise drive and international home demand keeps heartier as before.

One, home is medium April thick board market situation

1, market demand is general, resource is supplied finite.

Digest as resource of early days low, at present market price case tends stage by stage exalted, downstream user purchases enthusiasm not tall, the market clinchs a deal overall and general. And breed of apt of steelworks of a gleam of board production and exit, home can offer resource finite, steelworks producer price is strong, cause market price case house is tall. Second line resource supplies opposite calibration constant, but as a result of raw material price rise, steelworks cost rises, steelworks also go up for many times move producer price, at present producer price of second line steelworks all also is in 6000 yuan of above, market price case has appeared to hang, the businessman also does not want all the time sale of lose money in business, below the circumstance that holds inferior stock, go up stage by stage help the price, at present market price case also is close to 6000 yuan / ton. At present market buyers and sellers is in phase of refuse to budge.

2, home is medium April thick board stock falls somewhat

Digest as a result of the low resource of early days market faster, a few in small family is covered in lunar base by force of the pressure of capital show steam again fund, and new natural resources is supplied overall and finite, partial market stock is small drop, according to countrywide city not complete count, in the end of this month thick board total reserve is in the market one million and three thousand five hundred tons, with on phase of data of lunar base count is compared reduce forty-seven thousand and ninety tons.

3, imports and exports rises somewhat compared to the same period

Show according to statistical data, in will be being imported March thick board gross is in one hundred and nineteen thousand seven hundred tons, with on lunar annulus is compared increase twenty-one thousand six hundred tons. Show according to statistical data, in will be being exported March thick board gross is in eight hundred and twenty thousand one hundred tons, with on lunar annulus is compared increase one hundred and eighty-five thousand six hundred tons. In getting an international market at present thick board the price rises considerably drive, enthusiasm of domestic steelworks exit is tall, in be being produced to China in the international market thick board demand keeps thick in falling relative to the circumstance of exuberant impetus board export what exalted quote got an international market to approbate.
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