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Shopkeeper and supplier: Does profit gain weichi whose fall victim?
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Enter in April, many Jinan city shopkeeper and supplier still not with respect to 2008 year sell goods on a commission basis to be reached with contract of purchase and sale consistent. Business of supply and marketing criticises shopkeeper “ is too overbearing ” , shopkeeper complains supplier “ cannot share hardship ” .
Controller of chamber of commerce of Jinan city supplier thinks, 0 bring about blame of price of consumable of partial daily expense to rise normally for bilateral contradiction, final marry again arrives on consumer body.

The supplier criticises shopkeeper “ is too overbearing”

What raise the price of the commodities because of year after year of malcontent part shopkeeper is fixed return benefit, section to celebrate cost, add to sign contract cost to wait collect fees items, a few suppliers adopt protracted tactics. Some suppliers are mirrorred, in recent years, a few supermarkets get profit except regular sale product outside, still enter the arena to supplier collection high specified number cost, bar code cost, contract cost, exhibit the expense such as cost, create supplier burden heavy. Some supermarkets still use threshold of advantage position drive up, common supplier can passive accept.
A supplier says, want to take acting commodity to medium dimensions to interlink a supermarket to sell, should hand in 10 thousand yuan or so to open an account commonly cost, every brand hands in 5000 yuan to 10 thousand yuan to differ even brand cost, bar code of every kinds of product is expended not less than 500 yuan. Usually, the profit space that manufacturer is sale link put apart 30% the left and right sides, and a few supermarkets will be entered now sell price difference to raise 20%-25% , compressed supplier profit space.
To maintain self interest, 129 suppliers established Jinan chamber of commerce, collective cries to supermarket “ board ” . Chen Zhi of secretary-general of chamber of commerce of Jinan city supplier says: “ is not little supermarket contract is fixed format, a few are worn to write the place of several for nothing above, some suppliers have right of affix one's seal only even. ”
Stop to wait for means for goods through collective, chamber of commerce helps a supplier get back what two supermarkets default to make an appointment with 5 million yuan of payment for goods.

Shopkeeper blames a supplier cannot “ shares hardship”

Face a supplier to censure, shopkeeper has additionally one time say decline. On the partial shopkeeper informal discussion that by Jinan city industrial and commercial bureau called together recently, a few shopkeeper say, 0 offerring a contract is both sides talks things over sign, ” of clause of Xiang Yu the Conqueror of nonexistent alleged “ . Shopkeeper feels malcontent is product quality problem.
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