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Vietnam commodity serves total volume of retail sales to exceed 13 billion dolla
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According to Vietnam " investment signs up for " will report on April 2, although consumption rises in price, but Vietnam society purchasing power still increases ceaselessly. Vietnam statistic total bureau says, total volume of retail sales of service of Vietnam goods spending is first quarter this year two hundred and eighteen thousand three hundred and forty billion jump over aegis (add up to thirteen billion six hundred and forty-seven million dollar about) , grow 29.2% compared to the same period.
The report says, in total volume of retail sales of afore-mentioned goods spending service, commercial income is occupied 82.5% , grow 29.7% ; Guesthouse and meal industry income are occupied 11% , grow 26.1% ; Tourism income is occupied 1.4% , grow 31.3% ; Other is occupied 5.1% , grow 28.4% .

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