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69 kinds of products get online can check true bogus
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Shenzhen is clicked examine Shenzhen and dispatch of network of news of more city weather forecast to will rise in May, 69 kinds of health such as milk, rice, safe kind of product, must stick electron of quality of the home made product in having “ to superintend a ” ability to appear on the market. Consumer can dial a telephone electron of quality of the 95001111 home made products in perhaps loginning superintends a net, according to this exclusive number inquires the true bogus of the product, and the information such as manufacturing business, jobber and shopkeeper.
This is meant affix an electron to superintend a code to the product already from recommend a gender to turn for mandatory, according to concerned law laws and regulations, bring into the product that superintends compulsively not to stick relevant label, belong to illegal behavior namely. Electron of quality of alleged China product superintends a code, it is a kind of bar code that looks like a form code actually, consumer dials electron of quality of the inquiry hot line, home made product in perhaps loginning to superintend a net (Www.95001111.com/website/index.asp) the number that inputs a form code to go up, perhaps inquire to the self-help in bazaar supermarket terminal scans, can be informed immediately: The true bogus of the product, whether to exceed the expiration period, generator name, wholesale and retail person the information such as the name. Such, after occurrence food safety and healthy consumption problem, consumer and government are in charge of a branch, can decide responsibility person in order to lock up instantly, and layer upon layer date from, till the person that finds out pair of victims to be in charge of.

As we have learned, superintendency yard work was in the electron of Shenzhen early to began 2006, but belong to blame is mandatory, only a few big companies, big supermarket is in begin this work actively. In November 2007, national quality is supervised examine quarantine total bureau, Department of Commerce, country is versed in commercial firm politics manages total bureau to issue an announcement jointly, to bringing into industrial product manufacturing licence is mixed mandatory product certification (CCC) manage and bring into " first catalogue item that join a network " cable of electric home appliances

Guo Xiaoyu expresses deputy director general of supervisory bureau of city quality technology, the working target of Shenzhen is to the end of this year June before, whole town 9 kinds 69 kinds of products want 100% implementation to endow with a code to appear on the market, implementation product does not endow with a code not to leave factory, current link carries out replenish onr's stock to examine a system.
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