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Supply chain management to promote the competition ability of current business
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Current business is to point to use a branch or the production that channel associate realizes manufactured goods to sell kind or trade kind enterprise. If Woerma, jobber is like China number,the current business that we allude here includes shopkeeper, if brand operator is able to bear or endure gram, with the self-supporting channel, production business that produces unifinication of supply and marketing, be like NOKIA.

In the product coessential change, below the state of affairs with cost little difference, channel advantage makes competitive focal point, and this is the core competition ability that current business place should try hard to bring up. Since last centuries 90 time begin, production enterprise to current domain march, of course of study of large general merchandise downfallen, the bitter fleabane rise suddenly of a new force suddenly rises of large chain supermarket and electronic business affairs rises, the profundity of all without exception is adumbrative current channel domain changes, face join competition of WTO the following internationalization, how can you just become the current company that has core competition ability as soon as possible?

Wo Erma of thumb of world retail trade amounts to 220 billion dollar in 2001 year gross income, petroleum Company of dust gram Sen Meifu amounts to first of the rank before exceeding this of 7 billion dollar, obtain 500 strong ” of “ world ranked first 2002 glorious victory. Wo Erma's victory just symbolizes. Its declare publicly is worn the times of unify the whole country of a manufacturer has gone. Wo Erma's victory is very simple, it is the victory of cost, it is the victory of science and technology, it is the supply below IT system support the victory of chain management.

The experience of the person that succeed tells us, large company should acquire the regnant position on the market, not be to pass carry with the sheet of individual adversary in course of study of one's own profession, should lean however whole supply chain, rely on to supply catenary and the competition that supply chain.

Efficient supply catenary to bring a profit

The United States supplies catenary association to explain to supplying the idea of catenary is: Include everything what involve production and Wu of kimono of consign end item tries hard, arrive from the supplier of the supplier the client's client. Supply chain management to include management to supply with demand, raw material, machine parts or tools kept in reserve spares parts purchase, make with assemble, of thing deposit ask of the file for reference that reach a library, of order for goods type with management, the cent of channel is sold reach final consign user. Supplying chain government idea is to be in what form stage by stage from inside taking local managing go to seriously to emphasize the process of systematic government.

Will tell as current business, efficient supply catenary system to you can bring those profits for its member?
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