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Appropriate home rolls out Mobie
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Can compare without what in appropriate home (Ikea) the product that rambles dowdily to choose him place to dote on on one afternoon more make a person cheerful. It is nowadays in the appropriate home store of American Xi Yatu, a kind of wireless application equipment that is called Ikea Mobile Kiosk is more make such fun to a kind of brand-new experience. Use Ikea Mobile Kiosk, you can sweep a form of the product with him favorite draw pile up, require a simple operation only next, among the mobile phone that passes the information of the data related the product and favourable activity easily the means of SMS short message to send his, take in everything in a glance.

Ikea Mobie, shop new position
The graph is: Ikea Mobile Kiosk

In the meantime, use this service, you still can obtain the product of appropriate home and discount information regularly every week, and can use the electronic privilege that the businessman offers by this coil. Also need not be again when you shop when the frequent inquiry product information when commodity of choose and buy and discount activity, can to the top of one's bent be thrown in the fun of Shopping. I wish this kind serves means to be able to introduce appropriate home branch of home as soon as possible, promotion leaves come, make broad consumer shops more convenient, Shu Xin!

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