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Aimosheng: Technology of shirt-sleeve and newest innovation, imprint packet of s
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Came 7 days on March 4, 2008, the 15th China austral border pressworks exhibit / China the austral border technology that pack is exhibited will in Fair of Guangzhou China import and export merchandise Pa continent exhibits a house to be held ceremoniously. Exhibit property of the foreign enterprise in can gathering to make an appointment with 800, what be about to reveal is newest imprint packet of equipment and automation technology attracted the numerous and well-known trademark such as such as nest, Bao Jie, congress expects visiting number will be amounted to 40 thousand.
As China labour charges the mainstream supplier of the industry, ai Mo gives birth to industrial automation (China) (unripe IAC of abbreviation Ai Mo) also will show body China austral border to presswork exhibit, by right of its complete product research and development, make, platform of sale, service, to presswork the industry that pack offers the most perfect solution. At the appointed time, aimosheng's technology serves personnel to will be exhibited in this 5 of the meeting. 1 house 101 exhibit a stage (former 1101 houses 101 exhibit a stage) , receive broad the person that look around, the technology that introduces newest product, maturity for everybody and comprehensive control system.
This second exhibit meeting, before Ai Mo gives birth to IAC to will carry a variety of series PLC and transducer product, will join exhibit. Be worth what carry is, it is medium or small that EC20 series can make up Cheng controller the top delegate of PLC, in applying successfully already at the industry of each industry to control a system; Believe this product will be in exhibit shine brilliantly on the meeting.
In elaborate conformity after product of banner inferior brand, ai Mo's at present unripe control system program more hasten is perfect; Its are multinomial innovation technology makes presswork the gearshift motion in the process is able to control accurately, optimized a tradition greatly imprint packet of solution.
Advocate in the whole world environmental protection, energy-saving today, aimosheng and imprint packet of mechanical science and technology is synchronous, buckle times pulse closely, grind in succession the range of products that issues shirt-sleeve and contemporary newest positive result, make systematization of each range of products, standardization. In exhibit meeting site, ai Mo gives birth to the IAC general and broad user, person that look around to share fruit of its research and development, provide best service hard.

About the 15th China austral border pressworks exhibit and China International label is exhibited
“ the 15th China austral border pressworks exhibit ” and label of “ China International to exhibit ” by center of Chinese foreign trade (group) reach elegant type to exhibit service limited company to sponsor, guangzhou of Chinese foreign trade exhibits a company to undertake, province of Guangdong news publication service center, Guangdong publishs print endowment limited company, China prevents bogus guild does not do offset print to make 巿 of branch, Guangzhou publish Society of Graphical and Allied Trades and Guangdong province to pack technical association assist do.
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