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The market of bar code is analysed
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When the information society that changes in land of internationalization of network of economic globalization, information, life, culture comes, traceable 40 time, research at 60 time, application at 70 time, popularize the bar code at 80 time and bar code technology, resemble the manufacturing manufacturer world each district, exporter, jobber, shopkeeper mixes an economic information bond organic ground contacts the client together. This one a ligament, once connect with E DI system, form multinomial, multivariate website, the pertinent information of all sorts of commodity is just as threw an aeriform automatic oriented conveyer that always ceases ceaselessly compose, flow to world each district, cause the revolution in world current domain fashionable world.
Each countries on the world and area use bar code technology generally already now, wide application is carried at all sorts of products, dress, electric equipment, storage, the industry domain such as supermarket, hospital, postal, library, airport, railroad, government organization, permeate a lot of technology domains stage by stage. The bar code industry of our country starts later, but the advanced technique that introduced abroad from development beginning, this makes the bar code application of our country from the as most advanced as the world at the beginning technology synchronism. Pass old effort, the forestall that we cast off American Japan to go up in bar code technology. The 2 dimension code that Chinese proper motion develops had kept abreast of through appraisal applied phase.
From the point of product of bar code of our country application, the product has entered diversification phase, besides label of traditional paper bar code, still apply all sorts of new material to be mixed with contented high temperature, high pressure caustic the use that waits for abominable condition to fall, the special application that can satisfy different branch asks. According to the statistic of ANCC, end by 2003, our country has had many 90 thousand enterprise to applied for to use commodity bar code, pack in the product, automatic sale settle accounts is carried with content shedding wait for a domain to get applied widely. The bar code industry of our country had had very good market base, market potential is tremendous, the heat that regards bad news as material among them turns imprint belt of the bar code carbon that print, the sale on the market rises quickly, according to the whole world such as the United States, Japan main carbon takes the data that supplier of bad news material publishs to show, the quantity of total demand of the market of predicting whole world 2005 will exceed 30 billion square metre. At present main heat of home turns imprint the brand that the bar code carbon that print brings basically has: The brand such as belt of carbon of belt of belt of Suo Ni carbon, zebra carbon belt, manage smooth carbon, Fuji carbon belt, Sato carbon belt, Intermec carbon belt, beautiful color, TTR carbon belt, associated carbon belt, PAXAR carbon belt.
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