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Company of Suo Ni Malaysia solves electric equipment product line to read code a
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What like Suo Ni business of such global electron production produces is brand-new MP3 player is sold those who go to is the consumer market with slashing requirement, because this function is in,any respects cannot suffer an effect. Company of Suo Ni Malaysia searchs those who be used at these MP3 player PCB to read code and quality trace solution. It is very important that such product dogs, can make Suo Ni company avoids cost costly product recall and product are jumbly, and “ is executed below the circumstance of occurrence problem destroy control ” . Previously, the bad performance that read a code and the product eliminate that cause subsequently cost a large number of company money to be used at the product to weigh the component of treatment and eliminate. The company often reads a system oldly to prove that he cannot answer a challenge. The company is using Suonimalaixiya at brand-new In-Sight is used on the PCB of MP3 player&Reg; 5110 undertakes reading a code.

Need implementation reads a code reliably 100 percent rate and faster appear on the market time

Every PCB passes conveyer belt on 9 automation line, and the Datamatrix code that mark has size to be 10 1 Mm X 1 Mm, character that contain product information only. The daily output of the factory is as high as 40, 000 component, accordingly the solution reading a code of deploy should assure 100 percent read take rate, make automation line works uninterruptedly to eliminate machine down time thereby. The company's current solution that read a code cannot answer this challenge apparently, be being led because of weekly average eliminate is 10, 000 component, expend the money of the company not only, and incur loss through delay of main product appear on the market time.

The In-Sight ID that can answer a challenge reads a code implement

The serial number that marks on every PCB that must assemble to having a product undertakes affirm and dogging. If read a code implement cannot change along with the product on automation line undertake adjustment, serial number may be not read to take, cause data to lose. Read without two taking a place is identical. The placement of illume, environment and component means can have very big difference, the function that needs to issue stability to move in changeful environment so is mixed formidably the agile equipment that read a code.

Suo Ni experimented on the market different read a code implement. Satisfy what Suo Ni asks finally to read a code implement only health be able to bear or endure inspected In-Sight 5110 ID reads a code implement. 5110 in excel of the following respect congener competition product:

Speed of  high-speed decipher, hard usage
 5110 offers brand-new perspective twist to support, although be spent into banking angle with PCB,also can ensure read a code reliably.
 reads a code implement store working means can use different exposure to be worth an attempt a few times to read a — and PCB surface to undertake ego is adjusted, increase a success to read the odds of the code thereby.
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