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Heat of 30 much businesses discusses draft of food safety law
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Because “ lacks legal basis, skill the contributive impeach with immature, executive exalted, safe to food cost, the proposal deletes all content that with food safety superintendency code concerns, in order to safeguard the earnest sex ” of this law, get attention of social all circles fully " food safety law " last year standing committee discusses National People's Congress of whole nation of classics of the end of the year to was not obtained after passing, yesterday, chair in association of Chinese food industry below, include fluid of swallow Pi, nest, Yi Li, 5 grain to wait for countrywide each district chief holds food safety in Beijing related company of many 30 large food when law draft seminar make afore-mentioned appeals strongly, offerred nearly 50 modification opinions.
As we have learned, food safety law (draft) the 30th in special mention “ country to be opposite product item superintends a system ” related additive agent for food and food, food, to this, all yesterday delegate attending the meeting expresses, carry out “ electron compulsively to superintend a ” actual was to install new administration to allow a condition. Additional, “ electron superintends net ” to whether can raise the food safety of our country to superintend a level truly, be worth deliberate. “ electron superintends a ” record and offerred information to include: Number of license of number of date of brand of brand of company name, product, product, expiration period, birth, acceptance label, production. Already all consist in packages these message beforehand on food label, consumer can be obtained convenient and quickly. If superintendency branch needs to wait to the flow direction of the product, sale status undertake monitoring, can sell the means such as Zhang of record, stage completely to achieve a goal through checking a company, not was necessary to build information of a substantial complete reduplicative to provide a system again.
Le Baishi represents the introduction, because food line of the products is various, number is formed every year with the breed of design and color of ten million one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight plan individual pack, add presswork the technology that endow with a code is immature, the cost that causes executive “ electron to superintend a ” is as high as billions of every year plan, include equipment to transform, configuration manpower, buy bad news material and the fee that get astronomical electron to superintend a code, cost of society of a huge sum of bad news of all these apprentice, work to food safety and help without materiality.
The conference yesterday is opposite finally gross 98 draft formed nearly 50 modification opinions. Ma Yong of deputy secretary-general of association of Chinese food industry introduces to the reporter, the standard of food safety should be level of a state, but it is country, place, enterprise at present 3 old standards are collateral, this is unreasonable; Still have even if be aimed at the superintendency problem of food safety, whether can make clear each administration principal part to press division of labor each while safe to food section is superintended, the punishment that violates compasses act to breaking the law, exposure, should unite hand in carry out by an administration principal part, avoid to be opposite the same company, phenomenon that because same reason, much home executes the law,main body carries out punishment.
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