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Global mobile phone locates 2 dimension pile up applied scanning
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As the whole world 2 dimension pile up ceaseless maturity of the technology, 2 dimension code got applied in more and more industries. In last few years, 2 dimension pile up mobile phone be introducinged by successful ground to apply, be considered as to creat the main tool that business of appreciation of ” of “ killer class uses.

The technical standard that 2 dimension pile up the mobile phone makes progress
The technology that the mobile phone locates 2 dimension are piled up is to show with 2 dimension code standard is core, regard carrier as the mobile phone, and the code that develop makes encode, coding, identify, the omnibus technology that photograph be discriminatinged combines. The research of technology of 2 dimension code only then at 20 centuries 80 time end, at present 2 dimension code has been a very mature technology, a lot of countries begin to use this technology. The one dimension code with existing whole world, 2 dimension code amounts to 250 kinds of above, among them commonly PDF417, QRCode, Code49, Code16K, CodeOne waits for more than kinds 20. In standard of numerous technology of 2 dimension code, QR (Quickly Response) code and DM (Data Matrix) code application is most wide.
DM piles up generation 1989, include NASA, USDoD two kinds of standards. DM code basically used technology of sophisticated error correcting code, make this encode is had super- fight contaminative ability by force. At present DM code belongs to the mainstream technology that 2 dimension pile up the mobile phone on Korea market. QR code is a kind of matrix that developed 1994 by Japanese Denso company 2 dimension pile up a symbol, 2 dimension pile up the mobile telephone that code of this 2 dimension has made Japanese main trend technical standard, its the biggest characteristic can show a Chinese character efficiently namely.

2 dimension code uses foreign mobile phone circumstance
The mobile phone locates 2 dimension pile up application to basically include the following kinds of forms. Shift pays: The disbursement of the mobile phone comes true commonly through mobile phone purse, mobile phone purse can regard as key of card of cash, deposit, custodial ark, train ticket. Nowadays, more and more functions gather together in the function of mobile phone purse, this brought huge advantage to the user. The mobile phone pays is a mobile phone the application with 2 dimension the most typical code, 2 dimension code is applied in different terms of payment widely. For example, NTT DoCoMo company of Japan uses 2 dimension to pile up a technology to realize shift to pay, the user can pass 2 dimension code to pay mobile phone Zhang sheet in convenience inn medium-counts. Zhang only news can be stored to be in 2 dimension code, on the mobile terminal that can pass the plan cost center of I-mode to download an user. 2 dimension code still can handle more complex information, the shop collects fees the scanner of place can be read take the 2 dimension yard that contains plan cost information, the user can pay cash to give directly collect fees place. Trading information is in through collecting fees convey a plan cost center.
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