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Member of company of system of our city bar code breaks through 300
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Enterprise modernization manages consciousness to increase
Member of company of system of our city bar code breaks through 300
Report from our correspondent recently, the author pledges from city inspect bureau learns, job of our city bar code develops in recent years rapid, register 76 newly 2007 only, expire add exhibits 86, exceeded those who save make known to lower levels of the beginning of the year of bar code center to register 20 task greatly, new register a quantity than 2006 the corresponding period broke up one time, make member of system of our city bar code retains the quantity achieved 312. The working achievement with outstanding agency of our city bar code also obtains those who visit bar code center to speak very highly of.
The application of form code technology is the necessary measure that implements modernization management. Besides commercial company, manufacturing company, content shedding enterprise also can use bar code to implement the informatization of interior management and automation, include manufacturing management, storehouse management, sale management, reach financial management to wait a moment, reduce management cost thereby. As we have learned, the our city establishs agency to conduct the bar code business of remote region industry clear permissibly since 2002, be in weak point in time of a few years, the enterprise of our city conduction bar code from do not have have, by arrive less to develop more. Especially in last few years, branch of qualitative inspect of have the aid of fulfils “ safety of guiding principle of job of 3 services ” , food is special the chance such as punish, ceaseless conduct propaganda promotes bar code work, obtained very satisfactory result.
This backside, cannot leave the arduous work of agency working personnel. They think to promote company bar code to work sufficient method, provided enthusiastic and efficient service. According to our city district capacious, the enterprise handles the real case of business inconvenience to agency, enterprise of agency base oneself upon, it is enterprise consider everywhere, pledge the attributive transfer to a lower level of conduction business to the county inspect bureau, will register the task and add to exhibit company list to send each county bureau, by prefectural bureau era collects industry data, hand in province center to data examine and verify, affix one's seal by agency again, avoid an enterprise to make a round trip to do bar code rush about, went to the lavatory already enterprise, obtained favorable working beneficial result again.
The staff member still uses the information of code, to the business that does newly, come actively to undertake conduct propaganda, patient ground solves the doubt of the enterprise, come actively even to serve to deal with concerned formalities for the enterprise; To develop new working field, pressworked to publicize a data in great quantities, mail sends a company, next word of a terrestrial electricity follows another home chase after, strive for the enterprise that accords with a condition actively to apply bar code; To expiring not add postpones the business that will be cancelled, uniform call or come to know actual condition, ensure do not cancel a fault, to already was being cancelled but ask to restore old bar code afresh again, help an enterprise deal with as far as possible inside the range that the regulation permits; Hold knowledge to groom to member of bar code system regularly class, in order to enhance the intellectual level of systematic member and the ability that use actually. Enthusiastic service receives the praise of the enterprise, also make job of whole town bar code gets developing quickly.
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