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How does commercial intelligence apply in retail trade
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Use BI analyses a system, can use BI better namely the function of commercial intelligence will analyse retail all sorts of management data, dialytic retail trade manages medium underlying law, make the management of the enterprise true on class, on step.

These complex target are achieving hard in original information database, managers although know they are good, but cannot get, make if if not have,have,these index appear, after appearing till BI technology, these index just got controller and analyst afresh people bestow favor on favour.

   Commodity analysis: Business kind main data of the analysis comes from sale data and commodity foundation data, arise to give priority to the analytic train of thought of the line in order to analyse a structure accordingly. Main analytic data has: Structure of the category structure of commodity, brand structure, price structure, gross profit structure, settle accounts means, producing area structure, from inside the analysis to these data deepness of generation commodity range, commodity, commodity washs out rate, commodity to introduce replacement of rate, commodity a variety of index such as commodity of rate, key, popular goods, slow-moving commodity, seasonal goods, adjust commodity structure through coming to direct company to the analysis of these index, strengthen commodity contend for ability and reasonable configuration unexpectedly.

   Client analysis: Client analysis basically is the buys deed analysis that points to pair of client groups. For example, we separate the customer into ” of “ wealthy person and “ poor ”; so what person is ” of “ wealthy person, what person is “ poor ” ? If we have member card, the lunar income that can register through the member will distinguish, but if there is a member,get stuck? Can pass small bill at this moment every sheet amount will assume. For instance every sheet amount is more than 100 yuan client, we consider as “ wealthy person the client that amount of ”; every sheet is less than 100 yuan, we consider as “ poor ” . Accordingly, but derive gives train of thought of a lot of other analysises. If ” of “ wealthy person likes what kind of commodity, the shopping time; of the shopping time that “ poor ” likes ” of what kind of commodity;“ wealthy person and “ poor ” is “ in this company trade group wealthy person ” is much or the contribution that ” of wealthy person of much;“ of “ poor ” makes to bazaar is large still “ , “ poor ” likes to pay with what means etc. In addition, economy of the shopping height analysis in group of the analysis of guest sheet quantity that returns circle having business, trade, holiday is right the influence analysis of the enterprise waits analytic train of thought a moment.
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