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International dress brand: On any account carries violent wind of retail market
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Luxury market

Pulada grew 2/3 2007

The group showed Puladaji recently, as a result of the skin those who deserve to act the role of product and Asian market is product, rapid rise abruptly, company income grew about 2/3 2007.

However, the Italian luxury group of line of this many brands still fails to knock up to now whether can come true 2008 surely appear on the market desire. Card of round banner inferior includes Puladaji Pulada, MiuMiu, CarShoe, Church.

This year in 12 months before January 31, round net profit grows Puladaji 65.8% , achieve 126.8 million euro. Sale of the corresponding period grows 14.1% , achieve 1.66 billion euro.

Is Pulada presiding apparitor Pateciao? Beiteli expresses, put forward to appear on the market the plan is to be based on a kind of consideration, appear on the market to perhaps can drive Pulada namely the market sells implementation more substantially span type grows.

“ we will continue the tendercy of market of careful and wait-and-see finance and economics, when is and we are returned can continueing to evaluate the optimal opportunity that appear on the market. Beiteli expresses ” .

Two digit violent wind raises Tod’s net profit

Italian extravagant shoe is walked on and skin group Tod’s expressed recently, income grew the company 2007 17.8% , although performance of existence economy big environment is low,confuse the impact that waits for a state, tod’s still is held in the arms to the market level 2008 with extremely tall confidence.

The demand that walks on to high quality shoe as a result of Italian market is exuberant, add the vivid jerk of whole Europe market, end on December 31, 2007, in exchange rate changeless premise falls, below Tod’s group division several brands include Tod’s, Hogan, Fay and RogerVivier to wait to realized net profit to achieve 78.7 million euro 2007.

Sale of the corresponding period grows 14.7% , achieve 657.1 million euro. Not plan accrual and taxation, tod’s group income grows 11.2% , achieve 126.5 million euro. Operation cost is occupied about 19.7% .

Tod’s group chairman holds presiding apparitor DiegoDellaValle concurrently to express, in euro strong performance circumstances falls, group finance income and profit still all achieve two digit growth, show the group overshoots eventually management predicament, confidence soars.
January 2008, dellaValle once was forecasted carefully, because retail market adds situation decelerate, add the Christmas consumed Ji Pi 2007 product and deserve to act the role of product sale to all was not achieved expect an end, group year earnings will slightly under anticipate.

Gao Cheng company will report key became low Feburary to level of extravagant group profit anticipate, the reason is leather production company long-term deficit, it is very difficult inside short time make up the deficits and get surpluses.
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