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"Nuo strange mode " : Refract the future of fashionable dress retail trade
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10 years of a snap of the fingers between one brandish, wrap around 10 years all the way bramble.

The par 10 years ago is affirmatory, let intention of Nuo strange person very “ grinds one sword ”----” of “ fashionable par

After 10 years driving now, “ of myriad of deep feeling of Ling Nuoji's person does him ”----With PFM (par Parity, popular Fashion, diversiform Multiple) concept, initiate the ” of “ Nuo strange mode of fashionable dress retail trade.

No matter “ is bend force creats the Woerma of Chinese fashionable dress, still be dedicated to making fashionable dress the national beautiful mode of retail chain, changeless is, nuo strange person holds to ’ of ‘ fashionable par from beginning to end. Accompanying this one enunciative thorough popular feeling, the PFM new concept of three-dimensional an organic whole of the ‘ par Parity of praise highly of place of Nuo strange person, popular Fashion, diversiform Multiple’ , also become customer with each passing day people the pronoun of ’ of strange mode of Nuo of the ‘ in memory. Since ” after-thought turn to arrive all right by production before 1997 current domain, first time “ tries fashionable dress of water ” sortie retail domain, ding Hui never still has suspected up to now at the outset before look up sex.

From abandon production making, to fight in some places one by one retail terminal, explanation of ground of Ding Hui concise and comprehensive says, “ is unwilling at be being surprised by the Nuo of natural selection person, in the crisis resolutely chose a new beginning. If ” says, will par of strange fashionable dress of Nuo of the first “ went 1997 the birth of ” decides case to be Nuo strange person to be in the “ first time of fashionable dress retail trade does poineering work ” . So, “ ” of 10 years of a metempsychosis, now the growth rate that Nuo surprises to maintain 100% above every year from beginning to end, ” of “ Nuo strange mode dare be initiated first in fashionable dress retail trade for the person, more of strange person of Nuo of can yet be regarded as new round of “ builds ” of myth of course of study.

The ” of “ commerce revolution of Nuo strange person: Middleman link is little, flow path channel is short, cash shedding is fast also

Remember distinguished economist Lang Xianping ever pointing out, retail business of China wants to score a success in the spring tide of market economy, the both neither that lacks most is capital, also not be technology, talent and administrative pattern, however whether the industry that holds retail trade is essential. Just, the ” of “ Nuo strange mode that place of Nuo strange person initiates is recounting his substaintial to industry of fashionable dress retail trade distinctive opinion and major to analyse. “ Nuo is strange par concept can hold to on the price, this key depends on us finding the ‘ origin ’ of competition ability, compose built others hard me-too strategy ability and management mode, such ability innovation give long-term competition advantage. ” Ding Hui says so, elliptically all among link contact ” in order to realize the “ of manufacturer and retail terminal intimately, through shortening current channel shifts to an earlier date directly of nearly 6 months guide completely period of ” of too far behind to catch up with of “ of more traditional and retail industry.
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