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Construction of retail trade informatization enters high speed to develop period
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The Beijing contest of practice is special in December 1992 shopping centers, home introduces 3 kinds of cash register of foreign and POS system the first times in the round, and bar code is printed and scanning equipment, still have print the electronic level that contains label of price bar code, it is the first has crab retail company in the industry, introduced system is English entirely, oneself did partial Chinese to change. When practice all oneself print bar code label, bar code utilization rate achieves 95% above, it is at that time the retail business with top utilization rate of domestic bar code.

Enter 90 time metaphase, as the work up of the supermarket, retail business takes the application of cash register and computer seriously more and more, the manufacturer that cash register of a few production appeared in the meantime and home develop the supplier of software, cash register manufacturer of abroad enters Chinese market in succession, the cash register of southeast Asia manufacturer and IBM enters China in succession.

The country begins to take seriously to retail trade informatization, the inland trade ministry at that time begins to be popularized energetically in the industry and conduct the development of current trade informatization, congress of science and technology of system of the trade inside the whole nation that held in Hangzhou 1996, become our country to be popularized energetically and apply the milepost of computer technology in current trade.

Ministry of national science and technology also increased convection to connect the investment that industry informatization builds with concerned branch, what developed demonstrative project of current domain informatization in a few cities is pilot.

The informatization application of our country retail industry got rapid development, the software that developed a batch of domestic and international cash register suppliers and country develops business, the informatization level of retail trade rises stage by stage.

Arrive from inside 90 time 90 time end, can consider as our country retail trade the primary level of informatization.

20 centuries end comes the tide of electronic business affairs at the beginning of 21 centuries, to the action of add fuel to the fire reached since the development of retail trade informatization, the informatization of our country current domain develops quickly. As abroad of large quantities of retail businesses enter, the competition of retail market is more and more intense, informatization is regarded as to raise the measure of competition ability, make the investment with retail essential business. Be in chain supermarket especially, informatization becomes his infrastructure is impartible cut share.

The retail trade informatization of our country appeared to grow unprecedentedly, also move toward maturity stage by stage to software from hardware, there is the cash register product such as foreign IBM, WINCOR, NEC not only on the market, also accomplished cash register of letter resembling the sea such own brand product. Look from software market, the software vendor that has advantage place is formed basically also, have rich base, chief benefit and sea letter network are waited a moment.
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