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Quick buck is rolled out upgrade edition WAP pays a service
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With dispatch IT message recently, tripartite pays company fast cash to roll out upgrade edition WAP pays a service, in addition, quick buck returns the star with bright and beautiful river to reach collaboration, the 130 much door inn of astral whole nation that are bright and beautiful river open quick buck to pay a service.

According to introducing, after upgrading, after mobile phone user registers quick buck, with respect to the real time that can realize account inquiry, password is revised, trade, pay the service that waits for a function. End at present, nanjing palm frog of rich, Shanghai attacks, the enterprise such as happy most code has opened quick buck WAP to pay a service.

As we have learned, outside paying except WAP, quick buck still rolled out a RMB to pay, outside card pays, China pays all right, acting capture, collect fees the numerous disbursement such as management of account of service of business, VPOS, group product, support a variety of terminal such as Internet, mobile phone, phone and POS.

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