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Star needle hits year end to exit the market
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In Chinese market cultivated even more Star needle of 20 years is hit, be about to respond to a curtain call.

A few days ago, the reporter gets coming from Star Micronics (this big nicety) the exact message of Japanese headquarters, star Micronics will stop its printer professional work, be made over or sell relevant asset.

The global business of Star Micronics involves machine of accurate instrument, machine tool, ATM, POS to wait, the needle makes printer also is one of its business, but undertake selling in Chinese market only. The needle of its Star brand is hit, since entering Chinese market 1987, having good public praise and good market share all the time, give aid to through collaboration and OEM the pin that removes a lot of this locality to change makes a firm, the needle that bred a large number of specializationing at the same time makes medium of communication.

On global market, the needle is hit it is ” of industry of “ the setting sun early with respect to put under, market size is in ceaseless atrophy, already became the force of die out. Chinese market is the needle hits the ” of a haven of peace of a “ that puts only, but competition is extremely brutal also, forestall wears Aipusheng the country of half wall above, OKI, Fuji is connected, solid amount to wait for a manufacturer to live not easily, market share difficult promotion, profit drops ceaselessly.

Face business of such “ ” chickening ribs, star Micronics made what “ hero breaks wrist ” lift. Company Japan headquarters says, star Micronics will “ basically concentrates the resource of the business that print in the POS that has stronger growth potential to print the ” on the market, the plan arrives when December 2008, the subsidiary —— that is in Chinese Dalian city this limited company of big accurate Dalian stops to manufacture an activity, the sale subsidiary —— that is located in Hong Kong this the sales compaign of limited company of big accurate Asia (include after service) also will stop. In the meantime, in production equipment transfers POS printer professional work besides, the capital fund that leave will sell group of Chinese electron industry with the amount of 500 million RMB in December 2008 (CEC) . (below our newspaper period still will undertake to second incident sequel reports)

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