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Edible oil price will go up cause supermarket scare buying
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Edible oil rises in price cause citizen scare buying, the supermarket is restricted to buy the oil that prevent store up, protect supply

Begin from eve evening, get the citizen of the message begins the edible oil that each big supermarket scare buying has not rise in price rising in price ahead of schedule, much bought 30 pails at a heat even! Yesterday, the reporter learns, the bucket of inventory red dragonfly that a lot of supermarkets did not rise in price holds edible oil, be in a day short inside by scare buying one sky, sales volume is compared at most grew 10 at ordinary times times!

2000 yuan grabbed 30 pails of rape oil

Eve evening, one citizen runs to weigh 100 Lin Jiangchao city, bought 30 pails of 5L that have not raise price to hold red dragonfly rape oil at a heat, press 66 yuan / bucket computation, cost 1980 yuan in all! According to weighing 100 Lin Jiangchao city grain oil purchases the introduction, this client professes is to be in get rising in price after the message, those who suffer close friends scare buying comes before holding in the palm, because only he has a car, convenient carry. Yesterday one big early, new century, heavy 100 supermarkets rose case of oil price of red dragonfly edible, the library existence eve before rising in price already by scare buying one sky.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter is in Yong Huichao city inn of door of 5 lis of inn sees, of all kinds bucket installs red dragonfly edible oil has not rise in price. Two salesman are pushing 10 much box to add up to oil of 669 pails of edible just arrived before goods shelves, wait to flock and go up in this client already, be not grabbed to 10 minutes one sky. Salesman says, pushed many times 10 one morning. It is reported, yesterday morning, this inn only the edible that 5L installs is oily with respect to work off 400 pails, be at ordinary times 10 times. Oil of grain of Yong Huichao city is purchased divulge, will go up now tone oil price.

The supermarket enrols the oil that prevent store up to protect more supply

To prevent oil of store up of baleful scare buying, assure ordinary common people buy. Since eve, each supermarket published all sorts of specific aim measure. If new century stipulates everybody is restricted to buy two pails; Always brightness the customer that buys more than 5 pails to one person undertakes key monitoring: Once discover,have such purchaser namely, computer screen sale records a page to be able to generate red automatically, the supermarket sends employee to buy a situation to this client understanding immediately. Additional, to assure shopping safety, each supermarket still strengthened the security personnel of food oily bar to deploy.

Brand of sufficient other of supply of goods did not follow suit

Introduce according to each supermarket, after the attune on case of oil price of red dragonfly edible, golden dragon fish, Lu Hua is being passed to wait for brand edible oil to also want to rise again in the citizen, because this two recently buy oily customer special concentration. The supermarket says, whether does oil of other brand edible rise in price, rise in price to have not decide for ages, in the meantime, edible oil is supplied enough, can mix for choice brand sort is very rich, citizen can need not blind scare buying. Chen Junmei of trainee of reporter collect constant
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