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Before intelligent shopping barrow introduces car of our country supermarket, sh
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This locality supermarket will be introduced use wireless radio frequency to identify (Radio Frequency Identi-fication, the intelligence of abbreviation RFID) technology shops barrow, consumer uses the LCD of barrow front to display screen, the price that can inquire place wants to buy kinds or types of goods not simply, relevant data and put the position, and still can know the supermarket rolls out what special offer to taste.

In addition, the client uses barrow possibly still in the future inside scanner of buy bar code is direct account, need not await scanning of one by one of the member that receive silver, dispense with queues up for long to pay the labor of Zhang.

Cold storage company (Cold Storage) signed cooperative agreement with company of Media Cart Asia yesterday, so that it is set in abb one to open,collect information medium garden (the supermarket of Fusionopolis) at the 3rd season opens business this year, this plants try out new intelligence barrow, make the client can have a brand-new shopping experience.

This controls the new product of a development by American Media Cart, already was in American supermarket last year try out, the company of Media Cart Asia that by this locality horological group famous person Dr. Ceng Xiuli establishs, the cent of exclusive science and technology that gains Asian market sells right, singapore will be first Asian country that introduces intelligent barrow.

Shopkeeper needs to input product data inside RFID label only, get on label paste in goods shelves next, turning intelligence when the client when barrow passes goods shelves, information of kinds or types of goods can be revealed one by one go up in indication screen, be clear at a glance.

Barrow screen also can the edge walks along an edge to provide specific commodity information to the client, include to show the advertisement short film of price of newest product sales promotion and certain kinds or types of goods, and the article that helps a client search place to need through directional graph. The client also can use barrow inside scanner of buy bar code will inquire price of kinds or types of goods.

This plan obtains Singapore mark new bureau (SPRING) and institute of Singapore science and technology (the science and technology of A*Star) follower extends a company (the support of Exploit Technologies) , hand of mark new bureau aids financially allowance of partial research and development.
Xu Liyun of general manager of company of Media Cart Asia suffers when visitting, say, the cost that at present every develop an intelligence barrow is about about 1400 new yuan, the company hopes to convert by the RFID chip of research and development of this locality company in order to reduce cost.

The new supermarket try out that the company plans to be in cold storage company 30 intelligence barrow, 1/3 what took total barrow measure, they will have security personnel function, once be pushed to leave a supermarket a certain limits, can issue warning, lest be walked off with.
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