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Novell rolls out SUSE for shopkeeper
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On Feburary 28, 2008, chinese Beijing — recently, novell announces to roll out POS of SUSE Linux enterprise, this is the Linux solution of the optimizes for retail computation environment Novell of a newest version. POS of SUSE Linux enterprise makes shopkeeper can custom-built with administrative POS system, this reduced the cost of their memory and data center, still raised systematic flexibility and dependability at the same time.

The senior vice president that Novell company is in charge of opening platform solution and general manager Roger Levy say: POS of “SUSE Linux enterprise is SUSE Linux enterprise 10 platform were brought hep the ability of Novell Linux POS that passes a proof. POS of SUSE Linux enterprise extended the range of SUSE Linux enterprise further, it offerred a contemporary, quick solution, the advanced POS application that runs to manage the least need that change place now and centralized government tool. ”

Linux enterprise POS has support large and multilayer POS environment (be like, large and retail firm) ability. The solution can build custom-built picture quickly not only, still include a few retail pictures outside casing, this is applied environment (JavaPOS) the feature that offerred level of supportive popularity retail trade.

In use heart manages the POS device of server and local branch server to go up, can undertake be configured quickly and be updatinged easily to POS of SUSE Linux enterprise. It has centralized government to POS plant picture, undertake automatically matching to hardware appearance picture, send the picture local branch server, proper picture is installed automatically on POS device.

This latest edition is originally multilayer the management of POS environment offerred a picture to found function of tool, hardware to change and configure mode and script improve a function.

The commercial series manager of solution of IBM retailing shop holds software and Gregg Margosian of service department chief concurrently to say: Of “ consumer consciousness improve the solution that forces shopkeeper to roll out the innovation sex that can increase client shop experience ceaselessly. We devote oneself to to cooperate with solution provider, deploy can satisfy the IT retail environment that has dynamic sex more and more to ask new with buildup plan. We welcome the POS of SUSE Linux enterprise that Novell releases, expect move and they cooperate, offer the quick client solution that proves with the course thereby. ”

NCR firm is responsible industry sale, retail say with the vice-president Richard Arnold of meal course of study: The demand of “ store environment is higher and higher, because shopkeeper provides the retail service that is a center with consumer in effort,this is. To satisfy this kind of requirement, NCR company is undertaking attestation to its POS workstation, include NCR RealPOS 80XRT, the power that it can provide an industry to precede for POS of SUSE Linux enterprise, can upgrade model run ability with the system. We expect move and Novell cooperate together, of the security that provides environment of carry out of the most comfortable Yu Ling for the client with the credible solution that is based on Linux. ”
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