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Channel makes trade of Chinese home appliance too by force " cancer "
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Channel of home appliance chain is fast and outspread, oligarch times comes on stage

Home appliance chain is the sale channel with the most swift and violent in recent years development, be in China at present one, the home appliance sale of 2 class city has held 80% above, occupy at present 30% of sales volume of countrywide home appliance.

2003, home appliance interlinks an enterprise to begin to quicken outspread pace, rate is quite rapid. September 2003, always happy one of peaceful ” members always are told in pass and buying “ the electric equipment of Dong Ze of home appliance shopkeeper with —— Guangzhou the oldest mainland, enter Guangdong market thereby.

2005 is the advent that home appliance channel buys a times. On April 21, 2005, company of chain of countrywide home appliance ranks the Jiangsu of the 4th 5 stars bought the home appliance with the biggest Qingdao to interlink enterprise elegant peaceful; On May 12, 2005, national beautiful electric equipment bought Harbin city home appliance formally retail tycoon black swan. On July 14, 2005, rank tertiary always happy 140 million buy Fujian area to interlink enterprise Can female, on August 1, 2005, national beautiful electric equipment alleges on the press conference that Shenzhen holds business of easy good home interlinks the Shenzhen that buys division of group of Chinese building materials to fall with gold of 20 million yuan of capital stock the total equity of limited company. On August 15, 2005, always Le Xuan cloth is entered advocate Sai Wen electric equipment.

Was in 2006 always after bursa of income of happy electric equipment is medium, on December 14, 2007 evening, national beautiful electric equipment releases announcement to say to buy the price with 3.6 billion yuan through tripartite curve big in electric equipment, and take-over in the round big in the business of electric equipment. Beauty allowing a country made the central point that market of Chinese home appliance pays close attention to again 2007.

Additional, 2004 end, after our country cancelled a foreign trader to invest commercial company to wait for the limitation of the respect in measure of area, equity, foreign capital home appliance interlinks intense also affiliation to come in Chinese competition. 100 think of after buying a long time of peek of market of report of the state in be opposite, also move eventually, through renting 5 heavenly bodies, intensify the osmosis of pair of chinese mainland markets. Can foreknow, cast aside weak force of boiled water earth, sheet interlinks the setting of industry a person who is head and shoulders above others and actual strength by its world home appliance, the competition of home appliance market of Chinese future always also is little not of its form.
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