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Chen Yaoming: Hub of flood dragon of of bluff of easy class ㄎ pretties with re
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The elite of sale of general merchandise of derive East Asia, innovation goes his administrative pattern, make general merchandise of bright and beautiful river the magnate of general merchandise estate that has stage city distinguishing feature, it is the development direction that we did not come to. Yesterday morning, chen Yaoming of president of limited company of development of business of bright and beautiful river uses city of delegate of National People's Congress, stage a plain speech, those who be general merchandise of bright and beautiful river before the road points to clear direction. Chen Yaoming should take stage city course, result from he drops in business sea roll about to fumble for years an experience that give: Take root of general merchandise of “ bright and beautiful river is in stage city, must want to place the consumptive concept of stage state group in the first place, only the consumptive taste of person of city of stage of press close to introduces a brand, thing ability sells reach, general merchandise enterprise also can borrow this to expand. ”

The photograph is self-reliant to course of study of a few general merchandise business of brand of big sit back and wait of domestic great undertaking sends the course of action that comes to just be admitted, chen Yaoming feels, although ” of “ bright and beautiful river also belongs to the person that above average in course of study of stage city general merchandise, but the brand that the company can go out every year will accord with demand of stage city person actively is greeted. In market of scramble of domestic and international large and retail business today, if general merchandise course of study returns the old pattern operation of according to tradition, do not undertake innovating, likely by others grab first machine.

Astute Chen Yaoming sees, stage state economy developeds, the citizen's purchasing power is strong, besides the 3 areas inside city, Wen Ling, the client natural resources of 3 station of jade annulus, weather, and other places is relatively sufficient also, general merchandise retail trade is completely OK from each district blossom everywhere. It is after card of ” of bright and beautiful river of “ of start shooting of river of any of several hot spice plants, chen Yaoming expresses, the chain that bright and beautiful river still will draw lessons from abroad manages mode outward dilate. This year, general merchandise meets bright and beautiful river reach two to break up in stage city reopen, will control September, branch of bright and beautiful river can do business external, “ is current, the optional location of our branch and relevant preparation are basic already be in order. Make the general merchandise aircraft carrier that has stage city distinguishing feature, it is the target that ’ of person of ‘ bright and beautiful river struggles for this. ”
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