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After all what is retail----Retail connotation!
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RetailCourse of study is the accepted growth is rapidder industry on the world, group of fertile Er Ma is successive 3 years hero resides the world 500 first strong, of homeRetailCourse of study also presents the growth state of the speed of prep above GDP in last few years, but what is “Retail” , Retailwhat does connotation have again, believe to be able to say to be clear about without how many person. When ministry of sale of group of area of author inaugural Yu Mou, listen respectfully of headquarters of Ceng Fu Dalian supermarket group president applies XX aboutRetail25 concepts explain, show the author to wish to provide dinner for the colleague inside its and course of study in all, the experience that combines oneself gives fine narrate.
One, RetailIt is change

RetailThe all the time is not in course of study change, change is absolutely, changeless it is opposite. RetailIndustry grows as economic development, and corresponding adjustment also wants “ and when all enters ” , those who include form of course of study, of commodity structure, those who organize a framework etc, in changing onlyRetailIndustry ability develops, can throw by the billow that the market competes only otherwise.

The author ever bazaar of a general merchandise is hold post state-owned old name of place, cold water sells to earn money in “ of planned economy times ” , but the worry that suffers structural sex and system sex contradiction in the process that enters market economy, once stepped forward dimension difficult, it is to manage the current situation, timely still beg change, the leading group of bazaar chose latter. The fact proves, borrow housing to appear on the market through “ ” , and achieved enterprise “ to borrow a boat to go to sea ” , side with internationally the purpose that goal of group of large and current industry strides, in local selfish departmentalism, egotistic creed manacle next “ defeat chrysalis and give ” , from indebted manage, be close to closing down, arrive to be cultivated to be the example of capital financing by municipal Party committee, government, become the large family that the place pays tax very quickly. These are the results that comfortable from time to time changes.

Contrary firm condition is self-given, do not consider be eager to make progress, value the businessman that gets a benefit namely at the moment to be able to be washed out flintily by the market only only, from Zhengzhou “ inferior fine inferior ” arrives inn of Can female 3C, such example too numerous to mention one by one, “ dish ” is not to be done so that had jumped over greatly more, get used to the change of the market only, be brave in to change, ability with changeless should 10 thousand change.
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