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The train of thought that transforms egg chicken industry and a few particular w
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 Egg chickenThe industry is experiencing an inevitable acuteness change. In this crucial period, how the resource with original industry, the development rule of the industry, the manufacturing lifestyle of the farmer, the requirement of the market, legal laws and regulations of the government, finance gives aid to effective union arrives one case, exploration gives benign, on market base, the benign system of proper interpose. Need joint efforts of the personage inside government, expert, industry. As soon as possible, cost finishs an industry the smalliest to transform. Transform this industry to must consider the following the problem of each respect:

1. The industry transforms the problem that basically solves two respects is: Make full use of market rule undertakes the brand turns production, build the manufacturing technology that accords with biology safety

2. Utmost favourable geographical position uses a trade original resource: Rely on the original practitioner that has experience. Cannot disroot, want to do grafting.

3. Give priority to body with the farmer: Arrange farmer obtain employment, get used to the labour force level of the farmer and capital ability, agriculture cannot abandon farmer, agriculture not only should provide food to the countryman, also want to arrange obtain employment to the farmer.

4. Suit a country to show some to produce way of life, fit the requirement of circular agriculture, prevent environmental pollution.

5. Large automation farm is not the tweak that solves a problem, need capital amount is large, cost is controlled hard, grab a farmer to job child. Difficulty of processing of excrement and urine is great, environmental pollution also is a difficult problem. Crisis of insoluble biology security, quantitative big itself is the same as biology safety conflicting namely. Go up blindly automation raises chicken is absolutely mistake, 7, a lot of large state-operated raise 80 age the unsuccessful experience of gallinaceous factory proved this. After should raising gallinaceous door broadly to produce mode to move integrated grain, large the factory that raise chicken does not have competition ability for certain. Egg chickenProducing industrialization is inevitable, but the concentration that does not need formally certainly, the manufacturing mode of Wen Zhou industry of the manufacturing mode that resembles Japanese industry, China, namely major produces minor production unit, contracted cooperation, industrial group is connected piece, company interconnected system is managed. This kind of mode suits ChinaEgg chickenCourse of study. The company adds the mode of farmer to be applied to likewiseEgg chickenIndustry.

6. Rural job has a few formulations to be worth deliberate previously, for example: Guide a farmer to become rich, this kind of view is unscientific, should instead arranges farmer obtain employment, ameliorative farming the people's livelihood produces means and environment alive. Becoming rich do not have end, the farmer life harmony of every dorp stabilizes the outlet that just is rural development. The living means of the farmer, producer type affects the rate of rural life harmony directly. The farmer takes some sth used to one's own advantage, technology, information and their oneself ability has limitation, the force that this decides to they rely on themselves without ability becomes rich below market economy condition, although the small number of people became rich, also be temporary, and of the society to whole area and concordant environment benign change without any benefit. What rural job of the government ought to consider is, how the life of scientific guiding and normative farmer produces action. Make its realize stability self-consciously, balanced, fair, with environment photograph harmony. Set out with this kind of train of thought, everything will enter benign loop. Of the property that agriculture produces, right of administration and production work specificly should have agile combination, with more benefit is mixed at the demand of the market change, more the stability that benefit lives at farmer income, more the profit improvement at rural surroundings, more the benefit benign loop at environment. The government gives aid to to the finance of the farmer ought to become lead fund, make the farmer moves toward the market, accept correct production and way of life, handle affairs by scientific rule, such meetings get twice the result with half the effort.
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