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Never the corner scenery of put up the shutters: Dekko of capital advantage inn
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7-Eleven company since after entering Beijing, express publicly all the time to want to open 350 store before 2008. However, a door store manager told however a few days ago " abstract of finance and economics " , this one plan has been adjusted to add 100 storefront. It is reported, up to now, 7-Eleven opened 55 storefront in Beijing only.

The 7-Eleven of complacent, in the development of Beijing speed appears far under anticipate. 2004, they are in east straight door opens give a store, allege all the time ever since Beijing is the stress that its develop in China. But be in in those days, 50 plan realized set up shop only 10; 2005, this company plans to be in capital set up shop 100, finished only however be less than 30.

Convenience inn has “ point”

Convenience inn (CVS of Convenience Store) abbreviation, traceable United States, the largest convenience store on current world is 7-Eleven. The expert thinks, in modern trade domain, convenience inn is developing in the whole world with unprecedented speed, with the supermarket, pattern that sold the industry condition such as field to form three rival powers greatly.

In Japan and Chinese Taiwan, of convenience inn spend thick and fast taller, average 3300 people are propping up a convenience inn. Have a kind of view more, in Japan every go 5 minutes to be able to see a convenience inn.

According to introducing, concessionary the main mode that joins in means is convenience inn industry is extended quickly, also be the management mode that succeeds the most easily. The convenience store that 7-Eleven opens in and other places of Japan, United States, join in scale exceeds 60% , they depend on mace of this one killer just about, realized “ Sadou to become arms ” .

According to this print journalist understanding, 7-Eleven is early by 2005 a Zhang Piwen that took Department of Commerce, become foreign capital to be able to begin the first of concessionary management business in Beijing, they held water technically for this concessionary join in ministry. However, because suffer the relevant policy of Chinese duty Wu and finance department to restrict, so far, of 7-Eleven join in business still is done not have large-scale spread out.

Nevertheless, 7-Eleven company never has concealed his ambition: We come to “ main purpose of China, it is to undertake concessionary manage, is not a straight battalion inn. ”
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