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Embattle of home appliance manufacturer year old end market
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In year end consumption and Olympic Games double benefit stimulates high-definition business chance very much below, industry public figure is forecasted, this year during the Spring Festival, market of our city color television will erupt blowout. The near future, our city home appliance sells field and brand to aim at this one business chance, give market of action race to control in succession.

Sell a personage introduction according to home appliance, new year's day arrives the Spring Festival is the market is the most active period among a year, especially big commodity, durable consumer goods, a lot of consumer often choose to be bought during this.

Above all, hardship works one year, had fixed capital to accumulate, this moment is consumed, reflecting the mentality that enjoys labor fruit, and two of all kinds TV program is more wonderful during the section, change TV of flat of a large size to watch these programs, it is one kind is enjoyed really; Next, the activities of two favourable sales promotion that numerous businessman rolls out during the section are most, range yielding benefit is the biggest also, this moment is bought, more substantial.

More important is, this year is an Olympic Games year, many sports fan have the plan that big screen changes before the Olympic Games, market of farther exciting color television opens high to go high. Weigh 100 electric equipment one market chief predicts, this year during the Spring Festival, begin the buys TV of purpose customer that has above of half the number to leave other color television, choose high-end flat color television, moving new residence and heavy new clothes to repair is the driving force that flat buys.

Firm group electric equipment board piece relevant chief says, grab business chance of color television blowout to contend for, it is besides the sales promotion strength that carries new year's day, firm group electric equipment board piece sell below the banner had reached more consensus with color television supplier, sign with add through increasing advocate push the way such as the agreement, make sure firm electric equipment is 7 chain bazaar, heavy 100 electric equipment electric equipment of general merchandise of 22 the home, new centuries 8 sell in supply of goods, the advantage that takes side of valence, gift.

Such train of thought and chime in easily of brand of not little home appliance. This personage discloses further, for market of color television of flat of the end of the year of race to control, below riverside of SamSung, flying benefit, Toshiba, pine, long rainbow, achieve the manufacturer such as dimension to lend firm group electric equipment board in succession piece, roll out favourable plan together, no matter be plasma or liquid crystal, homebred joint-stock still brand, small go to 15 inches, go to 52 inches greatly, the price will be reduced in the round.
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