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"Thailand big " into " Zhengzhou Mei Xin " claim for compensation of 13 business
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Strong “ 2 words of big ” , the person such as Qin Shuge rented “ field of ” of square of town of old century · , the trade that makes here door.

Be in one of 500 strong companies of world for the station in them —— Thailand big group shoulder go up and when chuckle to oneself, media coverage irrigated a “ penetrating coolness to them”—— this “ big ” , with Thailand big group does not have correlation.

For this, 13 business door such as Qin Shuge are sued to the court, to loss of claim for compensation of unit of square investment, management more than yuan 30.

Yesterday, court of district of water of Zhengzhou city gold tried this to have a case, do not have a court decision on the court.

old century, a fair trade is mythological

In October 2003 the last ten-day of a month, each media reported provincial capital in succession such a messages: One of 500 strong companies of world —— Thailand big group hand in hand Henan is wide yuan of buy course of study limited company (next weighing wide yuan of buy course of study) an area should be built in Zhengzhou of 34928.7 square metre square of town of old century · , make first world 500 strong march the mark sex project of Zhengzhou commerce domain.

Be in wide in the building sale of yuan of buy course of study and action business manual, also calling investment business is Thailand big group.

“ smooth ‘ two words of big ’ , make money with respect to the canal! ”

Strong “ the renown date of big ” , investor is thick as hail, include Qin Shuge among them. The first time the experience that enrols trade department to square, qin Shuge still the member that —— of remain fresh in one's memory enrols a businessman says, square of town of old century · by Thailand big group invests build, it is the large shopping square that Zhengzhou presses build of international mainstream standard the first times to combine, dragon, Zhang Yi should be asked to seek when practice, the star such as Gong Li comes cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony. Qin Shuge does not have too much hesitation, with other trader door same, the storefront that hired a 30 square metre sells female outfit, undertook storefront decorate.

On October 28, 2006, bazaar undertakes trying business. Meantime, bazaar sends business door people a blank contract that rent, qin Shuge says, also do not show who lessor is on the contract, let business door people sign a name first, saying is after calling in by big company unites affix one's seal.

After contract hair comes down, qin Shuge discovers, business shop lessor is not big company, however the limited company of trade of Zhengzhou plum strong and pervasive fragrance that they had not heard of at all (company of strong and pervasive fragrance of plum of Zhengzhou of the following abbreviation) .
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