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Fujian east 100 groups realize net profit 7 years 59.41 million yuan
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East 100 groups (600693) the annual report that issues now shows, the company was finished 2007 advocate business Wu income 104, seven million one hundred and fifteen thousand four hundred yuan, grow about 25% compared to the same period; Implementation net profit fifty-nine million four hundred and sixteen thousand two hundred yuan, grow 46.29% compared to the same period; Basic every accrual 0.45 yuan. The company drafts as a way of this accumulation fund turns 10 times add 10.

Although outstanding achievement stabilizes growth, but because balance each square shareholder interest hard, the board of directors discussed the equity drive draft that before the decision cancels this, passes recently.

In the incentive draft before this, price of authority of period authority travel is the share that the company provides 8.7 yuan / , the stock controls the company at yesterday 37.42 yuan.

Hundred consignor course of study stabilizes growth

Inside report period, the company is finished advocate business Wu income 104, seven million one hundred and fifteen thousand four hundred yuan, grow more than 25% compared to the same period; Wool interest rate is made an appointment with 17.92% , increase 0.81 percent compared to the same period.

Oriental inn brand of first international a gleam of upgrades adjust, the high speed growth that sells for future of Oriental general merchandise laid solid foundation; East street inn is added with the stability of 17.84 % above fast the promotion that increases gross profit to lead a percent, still be the main source that company profit grows; Yuan big inn passes those who solve tenement to find a place for problem, multivariate the whole of industry condition is started, those who created general merchandise to open business is good and germinant, creation 2007 year Fuzhou is new open business general merchandise is highest turnover and best gain ability.

2008, company plan opens 1-2 in the Fuzhou City two chain branch, plan 100 million yuan to realize sale amount 15-17.

The company is current business is confined to the Fuzhou City, belong to regional general merchandise to interlink an enterprise, in sheet of course of study of Fujian Province general merchandise at present inn and total sales all are in leadership position. Because the Fuzhou City is big, medium-sized measure of general merchandise market is less, competitive environment is relatively comfortable. The company devotes oneself to to expand chain of regional general merchandise, adopt regional chain purchase cost advantage to come to establish company the leadership position inside area.

Company future is divided outside new store expands energetically inside area, still will mix in city of center of other ground level the collaboration of prefectural town seek with economic rapid development joins in wait for means steadily outspread. In the meantime, with the area outside the province strong department store passes capital ligament powerful powerful combination, enlarge company business dimensions ceaselessly.
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