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Pan Shiwei of president of Chengdu mutually beneficial: Ignite passion with Olym
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The Olympic Games came. ” of spirit of “ Olympic Games ignites the poineering passion of mutually beneficial person again.

On January 20, 2008. Chengdu wash spends brook bank. Save delegates of 11 National People's Congress Pan Shiwei is attending Sichuan to save “ eve of two meetings ” was accepted in the center of, the combination of media of province, city is interviewed.

As complete province the first opens posture the initiate of free market person, as complete province the biggest civilian battalion straight run interlinks enterprise —— Sichuan to save the palm door person of group of mutually beneficial trade, does Pan Shiwei save “ completely this year the development “ beat that how will civilian battalion economy be during two meetings ” and breathe out ” ? The development “ that how interlinks course of study for Sichuan builds character to make suggestions ” ? How will guide mutually beneficial commerce to be achieved again again henceforth brilliant? Wait a moment so, make the central point that media pays close attention to.

“ Sichuan economy wants implementation to span type develops, certainly will raises the proportion that serves industry and level, accelerate western the construction of content shedding center, trade center and financial center. In the process that spans greatly, civilian battalion enterprise should be multiplied situation and on, current business wants take advantage of an opportunity and be. Mutually beneficial commerce should be achieved again brilliant, this year will with average the career that every 18 hours open a new store runs ahead! The what one says during a conversation of ” Pan Shiwei, make reporters are surprised: Average 18 hours open a new store, supermarket of that mutually beneficial is this year to want many 400 to add door store newly?

“ is right. We press many 400 program namely. To us, this is Olympic Games speed! The Pan world Wei that ” likes athletic sports all along is constant reach plant of root of Olympic Games spirit in his “ commerce regnal ” , of pursuit still is “ faster, taller, stronger ” .

Commercial site builds: Faster

“ in last few years, accelerate as what city of Sichuan provincial capital changes a course and the construction of standardization service government, one is helpful for the big environment that retail chain industry grows quickly be being formed. Meanwhile, mutually beneficial content sheds central commodity to deserve to send ability to also rise greatly. No matter be internal cause and external cause, realized rapidder development to lay solid foundation for construction of site of mutually beneficial commerce. ” occupies Introduction Pan Shiwei, at present the company owns supermarket of straight battalion mutually beneficial many 800, pervade the city zone of center of the Chengdu City and complete province are main big in city. Predict by this year, inn of door of straight battalion of mutually beneficial supermarket closes the breakthrough 1000 times greatly. If do card rate to be able to catch up with, inside 5 years, implementation of hopeful of mutually beneficial supermarket is big to complete province in what commodity of urban center the city zone serves is comprehensive enclothe.
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