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"Hold to profit 8% " par strategy makes dress group " Woerma "
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In Jin Jiang's numerous dress brand, nuo is strange calculate going up is an alien.

1997, nuo surprises to change his profession by clothing manufacturer make clothing retail, plan at beginning the first oneself 5 years 2001, 5 years a Nuo is strange the straight battalion that holds to extraordinary sells pattern, the straight battalion inn with at present strange Nuo has broken through 60.

   “ holds to strategy of profit 8%” par to gain the market

1997, it is by the side of highway of Jin Jiang, ” of travel of par of “ Nuo strange fashionable dress was born. The business area when strong start business has 70 square metre only, expand the 2nd year 180 square metre, the area when the 3rd year broke up one time again. In the meantime, sale also year after year increases by degrees.

Right now, the president Ding Hui with strange Nuo was not eager to dilate, with respect to inn of this one door, his calmly ground defended 4 years. The experience that domestic chain management domain can draw lessons from “ at that time is too little, and hardware establishment also does not follow to go up, without computer, the modern technology such as form code more have no way is mentioned, chain management lack lives basically condition. ” then, ding Hui attacks blind the city unplug the get ready for fight with stockaded village none lax instead, accumulating the experience of retail terminal management, exert oneself develops a batch of person with abilities that can sign war of be apt to. “ is before chain store start business, these interlink the administrative layer of inn, include store chief assistant of long, inn, must come out with respect to education in early days. The enterprise should lay in a talent each years for the development second year, had the safeguard of manpower resource, increase the operation that genteel Cheng turns and rich experience, grow even locksmith ability healthily. ”

Maintain an army 1000 days, resort to arms temporarily. 2000, chain retail trade begins “ Chun Nuanhua to open ” . The officers and soldiers that Ding Hui is leading him people, begin to manage a domain to exhibit boxing foot greatly in chain. 2001, store of strange chain of the 2nd Nuo is ablaze come on stage, ding Hui also made the first Five-Year Plan of the enterprise, achieve even locksmith 50. Very fast, the wind of the par with strange Nuo swept across whole Fujian Province, consumer remembered “ Nuo strange ” between one night almost this canorous name. Subsequently, ding Hui blow the bugle that marchs to the whole nation, the 50 many cities that Nuo surprises to be in even the banner of locksmith Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi, Guangdong to wait for province are high and flying. October 2006, the straight battalion with strange Nuo breaks through even locksmith 60.
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