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Hua Run is: Do big later
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On December 26, 2007, s39 (000999) issue announcement, announce to control a partner 39 industries group merges intoHua Run(group) limited company, Hua RunThe group will become S39 to control a person actually. So far, Hua RunObtain recombine Hua Yuan, 39 opportunities, came true to serve as medical industry its advocate the long-cherished wish that industry grows.

   Hua RunEver was one feels accordingly for a time, what makes money the company that what becomes, now of the dayHua Run, had been one has one asset and the diversity of one billion two hundred and eighty million five hundred and twenty-three thousand two hundred and sixty-four turnover to accuse an industry group, a few business board that already formed clarity piece. Nevertheless, Hua RunAlso facing the challenge of deeper administrative levels, that is by become strong greatly the strategy that place must have is integrated.

Of pupate Cheng Die change the dance of the body

From trade representative build up, Hua RunExperienced strategic transition 5 times, just form today's about. Arrive from opportunity dilate focusing advocate course of study, company strategy is ceaseless from initiative promote to consciousness, Hua RunThe transition contrail clarity that does industry leader ” to direct for the strategy with “ is visible.

Because have capital actual strength and governmental natural resources,these two buy an activity in home in other company hard the dominant position that look forward to reachs, go up century 90 time metaphase, just because of right of administration of national foreign trade unlock and exit commerce domain before longHua Run, in a few short years formed company of group diversity, 2 class also the situation of diversity, this is brought about at that timeHua RunBusiness numerous and jumbled, across is managed, advocate course of study is unsharpness. The dilate that does not have foreword makes the administrative layer at that time realizes oriented sex of the strategy is wrong, introduce 6S management system, new delimit profit center, cleared the constituent framework of numerous and jumbled, Hua Runthe situation begins to improve. 2000, Hua RunAnnounce business recombines external, differentiate business to be sold for cent, landed, science and technology and politic sex invest 4 kinds big, before 3 kinds part by China achieve, Hua RunBuy ground andHua RunEncourage is sent undertake.

   Hua Runbusiness recombines to reached a climax 2003. Appeared one this year to involve many fields a series of recombining, for instance, will mechanical the cement business of 5 mine and China business of concrete of the harbor in achieving recombines for
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