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"Be restricted model makes " whether bring environmental protection good news
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General office of the State Council issued an announcement a few days ago, say shopping bag already became “ white to pollute the main source of ” , the demand rises from June 1, 2008, prohibit inside countrywide limits what production, sale, use ply is less than 0.025 millimeter is plastic shopping bag (abbreviation is ultrathin and plastic shopping bag) . In the meantime, in the commodity such as mart of trade of all supermarkets, bazaar, market retail place is executed plastic shopping bag is paid use system, uniform must not offer freely plastic shopping bag. The “ to ultrathin polybag is banned

” and end use the ” of “ free lunch of polybag, produce the daily life to people and consumptive habit what kind of effect, will encounter what kind of real difficulty and challenge again in carry out, the reporter interviewed concerned expert at this point.

  Adjust consumptive habit with price lever

Statistic showed Chinese chain management association 2007, annual of industry of our country supermarket uses polybag to make an appointment with 50 billion, supermarket company is average 0.2% of polybag, with the supermarket kind the sale of 800 billion yuan of RMBs counts member company, the consumption of polybag already achieved 1.6 billion yuan of RMBs.

“ is current, a large number of use of polybag created huge environment pollution and resources waste, reduce use polybag to have significant social benefit and economic benefits. Besides be helpful for environmental protection, OK still and managing the sources of energy is expended, be helpful for founding resource managing model society, also be enterprise interior is dug at the same time go a of synergism important step, because this is current each are big the supermarket is answered actively to this. ” China interlinks Ge Ping of Guo of management association chairman to say.

Although “ polybag is small, but the sense of this one regulation that is aimed at polybag is not little however. Total bureau of ” country environmental protection politics grind Ren Yong of central vice director points out, people is at present mass-produced, consumption, abandon the life style of polybag is very old to environmental pressure, of this one regulation come on stage very seasonable, execute plastic shopping bag is paid use system, the method of the method that uses the market just about, economy adjusts the habits and customs of people, change the daily life behaviour of people. The country begins the requisite that from polybag this lives daily to begin to administer “ white to pollute ” , the environmental protection policy that means our country is blending in economy to live increasingly, blend in the daily life of people, reflected environmental protection policy to be extended in what consume a domain outspread.
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