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Dalian bar code is wholesale
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Dalian believes company of peak bar code, Supply printer of Liaoning Dalian bar code, Gun of scanning of Liaoning Dalian bar code, Paper of Liaoning Dalian bar code, bar code carbon is taken, material of bar code bad news, Supply printer of Dalian Toshiba bar code, printer of Dalian zebra bar code, dalian assist cane piles up printer, scanner of Dalian bar code. Limited company of science and technology of Dalian letter peak is by the technology that pursues bar code trade for years the talent is comprised. The company devotes oneself to: Mark label piles up kind of application that identifies a product automatically research and system are compositive. Come in technology of printer of label bar code by right of several years, computer network technology, identify the rich experience that the field place such as the technology accumulates automatically. Had been in at present retail tag bar code makes goods domain, dress catharsis, tag makes a field, electronic product is made, industrial equipment creates a field, the domain such as medicine of treatment of content shedding, medical treatment, lumber, chemical industry fostered large quantities of well-known company clients. Believe Dalian believes peak bar code to be able to satisfy you to be printed in label bar code certainly, the demand in application of bar code government and all sorts of problems that solve you to be encountered in use process. Open-armed wholeheartedly provide highest effect for you, excellent service.
The company basically manages gun of scanning of printer of all sorts of brand bar code, bar code, data to collect implement, label of material of bar code bad news, mark piles up relevant equipment; Provide service of the maintenance related bar code equipment, maintenance.
Scope of business: 1.Bar code equipment: (label) bar code printer, bar code scans (knowledge read) equipment, bar code data collects terminal (check machine) .
2.Material of bar code bad news: Tagboard, Carbolic belt, bath mark, tag, alterable certificate of approval. (accord with
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