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The city sends red package to entrepreneur
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Spent the New Year, zhengzhou municipal government sent a “ ” of bright red bag each to 7 entrepreneur. Among them, zhengzhou Wangren of president of general merchandise limited company gives birth to Dennis bear the palm 1 million yuan.

Yesterday, zhengzhou municipal government issues promotive decision, say “ of these 7 controller contributes outstanding ” .

Outside dividing Wang Rensheng, new Ma of Zhengzhou of big trade group shops especially bear the palm of aspire of a surname of president of square limited company 600 thousand yuan; Limited company of vivid electric equipment of Yong Lesheng of limited company of Henan nation beautiful electric equipment, Henan carries out trustee Huang Xiuhong, zhang Linlin of limited company president of city of Hua Chao of Henan century couplet, wu Zhigong of president of Inc. of mansion of business of garden of Zhengzhou correct path, henan Sai Dalian locks up Li Fang of president of commercial limited company, limited company carries out mansion of business of Henan China couplet Wei of trustee collect annals each bear the palm 200 thousand yuan.

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