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The 3rd inn of fine heart Beijing practice
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The 3rd store of Asian Beijing that Jia Deshang uses owner of the biggest shopping square and one of administrations ——— shopping centers of 5 road junction is formal yesterday practice.

Shopping centers of 5 road junction is located in former site of bazaar of 5 road junction, cover an area of 50 thousand square metre, distance subway 13 lines 5 road junction stand 50 meters, fixed position consumes the pattern of complex formula trade of culture at forward position, collect dress, meal, recreation, recreational, motion at a suit, give priority to inn of force general merchandise besides the couplet of capital of north of old brand partner that introduces fine moral character outside, still introduced the brand inn such as Nike, Esprit, Ochirly and sirocco, and the each district meal such as Home Tan dish and Babeila.

Jia Deshang uses more than 92 in the shopping square that Singapore, China, India and Japan manage and has, at present the company already had Jia Mao visitting capital, Xizhimen Jia Mao in Beijing two inn. In preparing to construct still have east straight Menlaifoshi square.

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