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Changsha head home " lake Hunan special local product " supermarket start busine
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A few days ago, be located in a the Changsha City the Hunan of lake of “ of supermarket of special local product that 81 road provinces basically confront nonlocal visitor first times on military region practice of ” of supermarket of 4 treasure special local product, fill the one big blank of Changsha travel shopping market.

Clean and 600 square metre, neat Hunan is amounted to in the area inside supermarket of 4 treasure special local product, " the market signs up for " the reporter sees, wait for Hunan tradition handicraft besides porcelain of red pottery of Hunan embroidery, China, still have Yong Xingyin of West Hunan bacon, “ the silver-colored goods of ” , endowment the flesh of the jar austral the tea of tribute of the head that begin a dog, duck that face fierce, Hunan food that provides Hunan distinguishing feature most, gathered together to save the completely of characteristic product all of each city state completely, the price and common and large supermarket comparative, many passengers are selecting special local product.

Lei Fang of supermarket general manager is filled with to " the market signs up for " reporter introduction, “ lake Hunan ” of 4 treasure special local product opened the first store in Chen city 2001, already had 8 branches in thoroughfare of traffic of Chen state city up to now. “ if if prices is good, the immanent Changsha that we plan to be in 3 years opens 10 branches. ”

According to statistic of tourism bureau branch, shopping consumption reachs the mature travel city such as Beijing, Shanghai the 30 % above of total expenditure, hong Kong area achieves 70 % even. And Changsha still is not worth 5 % . The special local product that main reason is Hunan is scattered distributing in Changsha each are big supermarket or it is to sell, and the price slants expensive. A lot of citizens in interviewing think, like “ lake Hunan 4 treasure ” special local product of actor of name of so large-scale assemble and with reasonable price plain code sells, open Changsha travel shops good and germinant.

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