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A few supermarkets feed Taiwan namely food date designation is disloyal
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According to Taiwan media coverage, feed food quality namely to solve Taiwan to interlink a supermarket, the branch is aimed at Taiwan related stage authorities a few big supermarkets are trafficced handy undertake checking, the production date that the result discovers to indicative place carries or date of expiration all have disloyal.

Stage “ disappear protects meeting ” to was trafficced in the light of place of a few big supermarkets a few days ago eat food namely, the member that send respectively protects sectional staff jointly with sanitation of and other places of county of city of Taipei county, peach garden county, Keelung, appropriate orchid and consumer, head for its to produce a factory to undertake checking, discover what commodity designation carries production date or date of expiration all has disloyal case.

Stage “ disappear protects meeting ” to point out, bencicha nuclear result, relevant supermarket place traffics eat food namely, indicative place carries production date or date of expiration is disloyal, already disobeyed sanitation of food of the “ inside the island to administer the regulation of law ” , deadline of the person that the place is in charge of mechanism to will notice trade according to the regulation is corrected, money of new station of the person that handle trade 150 thousand yuan of 30 thousand yuan of above, the following amerce.

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