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Dress sales promotion " return ticket " change personally " decrease completely
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But latter, enter as the competition between each businessman turn white-hot, the sales promotion that return ticket changes to appear personally, consumer again by “ flicker ” .

The predestined relationship that return ticket why “ bans ”

In October 2006, change by hair of Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China, country appoint, total bureau of Wu of tax of the Ministry of Public Security of People's Republic of China, state, country is industrial and commercial the 5 ministries and commissions such as administration total bureau came on stage jointly " method of buying operation of shopkeeper supplier fairness " and " behavior of shopkeeper sales promotion runs way " , the principle that set clearly to fair competition should hold to between shopkeeper and supplier among them and the normal order that uphold the market, the purpose is the legitimate rights and interests that defends consumer.

As we have learned, in garment industry, when profit is distributing between the supplier of the businessman that serves as shopkeeper and product, the supplier is the shopkeeper of 25%-30% deal out according to commodity sale. If use the means of the sales promotion that return ticket, the sale when the businessman can buy goods by consumer first time first scores the gain of 25%-30% , when consumer holds certificate to buy goods, the businessman can score the gain of 25%-30% again. Such, the businessman can repeat gain profit, appear between shopkeeper and supplier thereby shocking or unfair competition.

Two when afore-mentioned 5 ministries and commissions come on stage jointly " method " , maintain means of the sales promotion that return ticket to belong to unfair competition, prohibit each businessman continues to use means of this kind of sales promotion.

Covert the pattern that return ticket is much

On January 18, 2007, inn of 47 general merchandise combines the capital acceptance, strengthen an enterprise to manage self-discipline, do not undertake returning certificate sales promotion.

Draw near the Spring Festival, each big market tight grip lives business chance, began sales promotion activity, and repeatedly the forbidden sales promotion that return ticket changes body “ decreases ” completely, become this year the grand opera of market activity.
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