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Food crops Taoist or Buddhish rites: One scorns the tragedy of commercial common
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The flourishing in the king of convenient cover king that “ difference changed fast and outspread ” to accomplish renown shake Heibei, but after using this article of creed or faith at company of food crops Taoist or Buddhish rites when him when, the management concept that attachs most importance to sale, small administration eventually however paid heavy price. The tragedy of food crops Taoist or Buddhish rites, also be China actually the tragedy of a lot of civilian battalion enterprises

On January 20, in interest of area of Beijing rising sun of Song Qiaodong side rich a center headquarters of company of Taoist or Buddhish rites of food crops of 9 —— Beijing, a conclave is being held.

Know this meeting beforehand, a few high level of group of the flourishing in having only and food crops Taoist or Buddhish rites. They get an announcement suddenly afternoon in 19 days, the flourishing in company president king will attend the meeting personally, urgent deploy works twice: Dissolve crisis of this public opinion; Agency of constituent each district and company are carried out together save oneself, cross difficulty in all.

This is since food crops Taoist or Buddhish rites manages the crisis to erupt, include Wang Haihui of president of food crops Taoist or Buddhish rites inside company high level, first time saw with one's own eyes sees their boss. Before this, him Wang Zhongwang cuts track really, almost unmanned and witting, so that the outside the rumor rise from all directions about Wang Zhongwang: “ desert ” , “ is caught ” , even “ suicide ” is waited a moment, by no means an isolated case.

In king flourishing “ disappears in more than 10 days this of ” , food crops Taoist or Buddhish rites is located in a few asset of the workshop of Beijing room hill, product line and company headquarters to suffer a court close down in succession, the employee that handles official bussiness in Beijing also is forced the Long Yao county of Heibei of base camp —— of group of the flourishing in returning rest and reorganization.

From “ 0 ” arrive 100 ” of “

The Heibei Long Yao county of Wang Zhongwang build up, it is an economy owes the county in the common look forward to that develop, from town drive car 1 hour, went to Heibei to save the biggest convenient cooked wheaten food to taste city of square food of Hua Longdong of industrial base —— . In food city all round, scan widely looks, the wheat with the biggest Campagna in look forward to is here advocate produce a division.

All the way, china the greatly small convenient look unfamiliar such as line of business of numerous range line of business, China all range produces a manufacturer, ceaseless greet. Although here is convenient business of production of face, condiment, flour is numerous, however, want the flourishing in mentioning and Hua Long only, almost Fu child all knows. Because,this is not only in of flourishing and Hua Long famous degree, because a paragraph of old grudge of ” of big boss of these two “ is in place,return wide to circulate.
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