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Shijiazhuang east shopping centers and Bao Longcang sign the strategy to coopera
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The person of the same trade is enemy, but the Shijiazhuang city retail trade with intense competition is arisen before the Spring Festival however one adds up to vertical Lian Hengchao, between partial businessman not only no longer at swords' points, make up for each other on industry condition instead, the kind that closes with contest has respective market.

■ competitive market occurrence contest closes

Yesterday, the Oriental shopping centers of ——— of character of two big heavyweight of Heibei commerce and Bao Longcang sign strategic cooperation agreement formally. This day rises, two not only often should combine sales promotion, and its member card, integral card is mutual and general, the member integral that buys east gets stuck besides can be in east buy outside selling an integral to use, each inn uses the Shijiazhuang such as inn of bottom of the store taking run that also can protecting Long Cang, pagoda tree; Bao Longcang's member also can be in east buy change freely do east bought membership gets stuck, enjoy the integral privilege that return a dot.

The concerned controller with Bao Longcang is bought to all express east, bao Longcang has several 100 thousand members in whole Heibei area, and east bought membership also was achieved hundred thousands of, two cartoon of “ are used, the integral ” that be the same as benefit not only can make on certain level east buy with Bao Longcang dominant position of state of two great undertaking is complementary, more convenience consumer.

■ collaboration of different job condition already was trying water

It is reported, advanced before long, triumphant dragon of each inn and red star beauty rolled out Shijiazhuang of Su Ning electric equipment to buy household product to give home appliance the activity jointly; And national beautiful electric equipment from last year 51 begin, whenever big sales promotion activity cooperates with Bao Longcang necessarily, buy home appliance to give Bao Longcang integral to get stuck.

The reporter learns, at present supermarket of grand of nature settle or live in a strange place also is in and member of attempt of Su Ning electric equipment blocks mutual integral general. From this, a gist is without “ in the tide of business affairs collaboration of win-win between the different business tycoon that consanguineous ” concerns gradually arisen.

■ strengthening cooperation is the situation makes like that

Su Ning electric equipment expresses about chief, in recent years, the price war of home appliance market already became the bottleneck that the industry grows, gain of home appliance sale is small already be like tissue, get larger development space to contend for, promote disparate industry the height of mutual collaboration, home appliance agency is sought necessarily undertake cooperative with strong company.

Cao Runting of secretary-general of union of Shijiazhuang town trade thinks, annual union of Shijiazhuang town trade wants an organization to add up to the forum of retail trade height that gives priority to aim with contest, 6 go nowadays, see the contest that is a tenet with win-win accrete closes eventually.
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